Full FTTx projects design series posts (Index)

  When deal with your own FTTH projects and related fiber optic network jobs, you need fiber knowledge and optical tools, and a series ideas, isn’t it? 

FTTH DIY deployment

FTTH DIY deployment

  FOT blog currently is collecting a full series of “DIY FTTx projects design” posts and ideas, for your reference.

DIY FTTx projects design: Bandwidth Estimation

How to calculate the Bandwidth Needed?
Some experts provides us a simple way to calculate bandwidth needs in the form of:
N x T = BN
Numbers of users (x) Traffic estimate based on usage weight = Bandwidth Needed

bandwidth requirements for FTTx PON

bandwidth requirements for FTTx PON

  Two kinds of customers bandwidth calculation cases

  1. Residential customers: straightforward needs
  2. Business Customers: bandwidth hungry
  • Email (and lots of it)
  • Cloud services (hosted email, hosted accounting, hosted CRM, etc)
  • Online banking
  • Online research
  • VOIP in place of PBX phone systems
  • Downloading/uploading large files
  • Online backup

DIY FTTx projects design: Architectures

  The FTTx architectures is widely understood as numbers of fiber network technologies, include Home (FTTH), Premise (FTTP), Curb (FTTC), Building (FTTB), Home (FTTH), User (FTTU) and Node (FTTN). Let’s begin by describing these network architectures and topologies. 

FTTX architectures

FTTX architectures

  • FTTN / FTTLA (fiber-to-the-node, -neighborhood, or -last-amplifier) 
  • FTTC / FTTK (fiber-to-the-curb/kerb, -closet, or -cabinet) 
  • FTTdp (Fibre To The Distribution Point)
  • FTTP (fiber-to-the-premises)
  • FTTD (fiber-to-the-desktop)
  • FTTE / FTTZ (fiber-to-the-telecom-enclosure or fiber-to-the-zone) 
  • FTTW (fiber to the wireless) 
  1. EPON Solution
  2. GPON Solution

DIY FTTx projects design: network nodes

  FTTx PON Network Nodes Design engineering:

Fiber network nodes structure

Fiber network nodes structure

  •   Central Office (CO) 
  •   Local Convergence Point (LCP)
  •   Network Access Point (NAP)
  •  CPE (Customer Premises Equipment) / Terminal

DIY FTTx projects design: Optical Loss

  Certain aspects must be taken into account when calculating optical power total loss for an FTTx PON solution, like:

FTTx Optical Power budget

FTTx Optical Power budget

  • Fiber attenuation
  • Splice loss
  • Connector (Adapter) quantity
  • Splitter
  • Length of fiber

DIY FTTx projects design: cables & splitting

  A good design beforehand could easily avoid issues when implementing the FTTx projects. Certain considerations are very important when designing an FTTx PON solution.

FTTx Cabling Topology

FTTx Cabling Topology

We have the following splitting architectures:

  • Distribution Splitting
  • Aggregation Splitting
  • Centralized Splitting

  Summary speaking, FOT is sharing the principle of FTTx projects DIY design: “in any FTTx deployment, the goal of network planners is to build the most flexible and reliable system possible in the least amount of time and at the lowest possible cost.” 

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