FTTH project solution lab simulation

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Lab Equipment list

Equipment ItemQuantitySpecifications
FOT-OLT-10021 pcs1U, piza box fixed 2PON ports EPON OLT, with Gigabit RJ45 uplink+2*EPON SFP
Power adapter3 pcs2 * ONUPower: 12V DC, Power consumption ≤5W; 1* OLT AC power 220V.
User manul1 pcsEMS Installation User Manual
Cablesseveralnetwork cable, with RJ45 connectors.
Splitter1 pcsSplitter 1:4
FTTH PON Lab Equipment list

FTTH PON Lab Equipment list

Case study: FTTH EPON OLT and ONU connection and configuration

 Step 1. Brief FTTH project solution lab simulation. (OLT, 1:4 splitter, SFP, 1GE ONU, 4FE OMU etc)
 Step 2. EPON equipment EMS management(Detail check installing EPON EMS Guide), with detail configuration
 Step 3. Online link between OLT and ONU, network status and EMS managment.

Default configuration

 The following is the default device configuration information:

  • Inband Management IP:
  • Outband Management IP:
  • EMS Login Username: admin
  • EMS Login Password: 1234
  • Read Community: public
  • Write Community: private

 PS: FOT ONU series support such functions: auto-discovery, auto-configure, auto-update, Auto-authentication etc.

PON Device Troubleshooting FAQ

1. After power all the lights are lit?

1)Power connection errors;
2)Power is not normal.
1)Check that the power cable is connected;
2)The rear panel of the power supply is turned on.

2. GE/FE LED does not light?

1)Network cable is damaged or loose connection;
2)Cable type error;
3)Long lines outside the allowable range.
1)Replace the network cable, and pay attention to the standard Ethernet cable must be parallel or crossing lines.

3. After working for some time to stop working?

1)Power supply is not working properly;
2)The equipment from overheating.
1)Check if there is contact with abnoirmal voltage is too high or too low;
2)Check the ambient conditions, vents are normal ventilation.

4. LOS LED flashes?

1)Fiber failure;
2)Central office equipment failure.
1)Inspect fiber is connected properly, is connected to the correct connector, optical power is normal;
2)Contact your operator for detail.
FTTH PON solution Lab simulation

FTTH PON solution Lab simulation

5. PON LED flashes?

1)Fiber optic connector is loose;
2)Central office equipment failure;
3)Fiber optic connectors are dust.
1)Inspect fiber is connected properly;
2)Cotton ball with alcohol swabbing fiber optic connectors;
3)Contact your operator for detail.
  1. I am having a digital cable network and I want to start broadband with catv system at my own base I could get 100 subscribers for broad band. As i am new to broad band I dont Know how the Broad band works and what equipment’s I need initially to start broad band with my existing fiber cables.Pls guide me.

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  3. comprei uma olt testa mesma marca mais nao consigo entra nela mesmo olhando o video de vcs admin e senha 1234 nao entra

    • Hi Andre,
      Sorry, my portuguese is poor~.
      Thanks for your comment.

      Based on your information, we would suggest you as following steps:
      Contact the people or the company you buy from, required as after-sale support service.
      Or you can send details to our team, email as bottom of the website.

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  4. where do i get EMS software.

    • Hi Buga, Exactly we will share you the path to get the EMS software, when our supplier ID / information is certificated. You will know how to contact our team.

      Regards & Wishes.

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