G.fast Brief Introduction

G.fast Brief Introduction

    Are you struggling to deliver affordable 1Gbps to your subscribers?
    G.fast is the solution that makes it affordable.

G.fast & VDSL2, FTTH

  The ITU said G.fast “is designed to coexist with VDSL2, enabling service providers to play to the strengths of each standard in different environments; switching customers between G.fast and VDSL2 in line with dynamic business models.
  The standard will complement FTTH(fiber-to-the-home) strategies, serving the many scenarios where G.fast is more
cost-efficient than FTTH.”
What is G.fast
  The ITU says it will specify methods to prevent interference with FM radio and other broadcast services.G.fast operates on higher frequencies than DSL.VDSL2 currently works on 17 MHz or 30 MHz, while G.fast will work on 106 MHz or even 212 MHz.
  Like VDSL2, “G.fast performance is affected by crosstalk between lines.” But because of the higher frequency, crosstalk will cause bigger problems for G.fast than VDSL2. “Without the vectoring noise cancellation process, G.fast rates are severely degraded,” Huawei said. “Therefore, G.fast must use a more advanced vectoring technology to cancel crosstalk between lines.”
Basics of G.fast

  • New ITU Standard
  • Up to 1Gbps Broadband Access
  • Installs in Distribution Point
  • Runs the Last 250 Meters Over Cooper
  • Lowest cost per megabit delivered

Why choose G.fast

  • No trenching to the home
  • Consumer self-installable
  • 1 Gbps fibre-like performance
  • Flexible upstream and downstream
  • Perfect for MDUs
  • Roll out service faster
  • Improve ROI by 400% 

Here’s what one analyst says

  • “G.fast appears to have everything telcos need to succeed.” -Oliver Johnson, CEO of Point Topic.
  • Improve customer relations and retention with G.fast 

G.fast Application

Fiber FTTH & Cooper Gfast Application

Fiber FTTH & Cooper Gfast Application

  G.fast could be a boon to Internet services, which typically brings fiber to the node.Access to the home through existing wiring with the same level of requirement as FTTH.

  Copper is an important resource for telecom operators, using G.fast and other new copper technologies can help operators increase resources efficiently, to achieve ultra-fast broadband strategy and business success.

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