GPON evolution brief introduction

GPON evolution brief introduction


  What this is really describing, is from 2005, electronics to die actually probably about the first generation of GPON, which is Gigabit Passive Optical Network.See active electronics at the end of the fiber, and drops two and a half to keep its shape capacity down toward the end user and shares 1.25G up from the end-user, up to 32 end-users on that place at the network.

PON No.1

  We can say that and as you go beyond 2010 into the half decade up to 2015, next generation PON No.1.So I say we done three generations to cheapen already Russia using the same generation and network to time and later this year first-generation NextGen PON comes out but that to us is it gives us he said a two and a half to give it to the end user shared across 32 it brings 10 gigabits to the end-user shared across 32.He said a 1.25G coming up in the network, it will give us 2.5G coming up from the end-user.

PON No.1 Technology

PON No.1 Technology 

  You can see already, you know, before this calendar year is that we will have first generation. next evolution GPON available. will be jump to it, probably not, I’ve but we just now that it’s there as I uptake increases on the network we start looking for wise to put high speed fiber-optic technology on the end to the fiber we don’t have to change the fiberwe take out the box on the enemy plugin new boxes to simple assault.

Key Technology

  Beyond this half decade to 2015 and you start saying a split in the why the plan works at the moment him real crew times. Gigabit passive optical network is somebody switching allies run really really fast. It’s telling an end-user when it’s their time to receive some allies light flashes on or off and get their signal he tells them when they can put signal back into the network literally by switching allies on of she stole (I’m ones in north’s) and time-division multiplexed across the infrastructure the split shows how we can continue on, (approach under the lights here) so the TDM branch here and time-division multiplexing continue switching elisa faster and faster she go. I’m but around the same time varies we stop stacking up the colors Sherlock on the fav same fiber but you just have a different frequency different white light that you can actually send and the fiber.

  So switch in a lot on of is almost like morse code on the oil copper lines you know we got much more sophisticated custom very very and complicated wiser sending signal stand couple lines that were really only their ritual for telephone wait with basically at so that Morse code leveling intention where farmers gonna take a square that very early stage where we just turned on or off.

Great thanks to Tony Cross.

  FOT describes to upgrade path of the GPON technology that underpins the fibre component of the National Broadband Network.

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