GPON Interoperability Brief Introduction

GPON Interoperability Brief Introduction

IOT Definition

  IOT, Interoperability testing, the process of testing to determine the interoperability of a software product.
  GPON interoperability is the ability of making FTTH GPON OLT systems and residential gateway, which comes from different service providers and vendors, to work together or inter-operate.


  It is said that GPON will get the No.1 FTTx access technology in 2016, and passing 200 million connections in 2018 to account for three out of five FTTx connections worldwide.
  However, interoperability issues between different vendors’ OLT and ONT equipment has caused an array of problems for many service providers and need to be addressed if GPON is to fulfil its promise, some reports suggests.

IOT Preparation:

  Take our GPON ONT 420W(4 GbE x 2 FXS x WiFi) as an example, below is our successful GPON IOT experience, kindly for your reference:

i) OLT Parameters

  First of all, we need to collect full list information of GPON OLT equipment requirement, such as product/device and version information:

  • Brand and Device: FOT GPON ONT
  • Type/Model: FOT GONT420W
  • Features: 4 GbE x 2 FXS x WiFi
  • Software version: *****
  • etc.

ii) IOT Networking Topology

GPON IOT Networking Topology

GPON IOT Networking Topology

  IOT Networking Topology is a must, based on the topology diagram, we can easily make the final decision and output those most important configuration data and solution, such as:

  • Port and joint board/card information both at ONT and OLT side.
  • Authentication: PPPoE 
  • VLAN Planning, CVLAN/SVLAN data
  • Broadband services DBA Parameters are as follows: i)Guaranteed bandwidth:30Mbit/s; ii)The maximum bandwidth 100 Mbit/s.
  • Traffic control: both uplink and downlink,4Mbit/s, guaranteed rate.
  • etc.

iii) Data Planning

  Only for reference. 

DeviceData Planning
OLTVoice Data:
CVLAN:1001-2000 SVLAN:799
Voice Data:
VLAN: 10
Network Data(NMS):
ONUBandwidth Data:
CVLAN:1001-2000 (depend son ONU choose)
Voice Data:
VLAN: 10
Phone number:6668004 TID:FOT201
Phone number:6668005 TID:FOT202
Network Data(NMS):

  GPON IOT configuration and steps:

  1. Link Connection test.
  2. FTTH user registration Test
  3. Internet application test.
  4. Voice/VoIP service configuration and test.
  5. IPTV service test(optional).

  FOT has much experience of IOT with different OLT vendors.Furthermore, FOT can provide on-line technical support, if you have further questions, please feel free to let us know.


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