GPON Provision Service Assignment: VoIP


 Some customers are very interested in how to set up the end-to-end triple play services in our GPON solution (GOLT1008 + GONT421). So it would be a great idea to publish a full series of “GPON Provision Service Assignment” posts, regarding to Data, VoIP and IPTV/CATV etc.

 FOT Blog today try to show an example of configuring VoIP service with SIP server through OMCI ((Operation Management Communication Interface).Let’s consider the service model below as an example.

The triple play test environment

Figure 1. The triple play test environment

 As shown in Figure 1, GOLT1008 NNI port #3 connects to SIP server for VoIP service and uses S-VLAN=1103 for VoIP SIP service through ONT IP host to ONT FXS #1 (UNI #1).

Provision VoIP service with SIP server (by GUI)

 The engineer or operator should follow the 6 steps shown below to establish VoIP service:

Step1. Define S-VLAN
GUI navigation link path: >GPON>S-VLAN
SVLAN: 1103
VLAN Type: N: 1 Residential
NNI Tagging: Single Tagged
ARP Proxy: Yes
NNI (Uplink):3

Step1. Define S-VLAN

Step1. Define S-VLAN

Step2. Add a SIP server.
 GUI navigation link path: >GPON>Configuration-Profiles>SIP server
 For a basic SIP network scenario, the SIP proxy server/ SIP Registrar server and
 SIP Outbound server is required, and SIP proxy server IP is / SIP Registrar Server:
/ SIP Outbound Server: in this case.
(The SIP server require by define ONT, different brand ONT the SIP server Configuration is different)

Add a SIP server

Add a SIP server

Step3. Add VoIP service.
GUI navigation link path: >GPON>Service-Profiles>VoIP
Choose S-VLAN: 1103.
Choose SIP server: Sip server 1 (defined at Step 1).
Specify Upstream BW profile

CLI Example:
(1) Add a VoIP Service
(2) Specify SIP server to this VOIP service

Step4. POTS configuration.
For user identification in the SIP server, please define Phone number, user name and password. User name will define
the telephone number used for this POTS port.
GUI navigation link path: >GPON>Services>POTS
Select the specified ONTS.
Assign UNI port number: 1 (FXS).
Set up user name & password for SIP proxy to register.

  1. Select the OLT -1
  2. Select the ONT ID: ONT x-1
  3. Choose the UNI: 1
  4. Set the Phone Number:2151
  5. Set user Name: 2151
  6. Set password: 2151
POTS configuration

POTS configuration

Noticed: SIP server and POTS information could be configured through different methods.

Step5. NNI Configuration.
After finishing all the settings for ONT UNI / S-VLAN / Profile, the network administrator still has to configure speed
for uplink ports, and the default setting is disable.
GUI navigation link path: >Configuration>NNI>Up-Link
Port: 3 >AutoNeg

Step6. ONT Service assignment
GUI navigation link path: >GPON>ONT>Service

  1. Select the OLT: 1
  2. Select the ONT ID: 1-1
  3. Assign the service profile: VoIP-1

(When user selects the VOIP function. The POTS will be automatically applied to this ONT)

Provision VoIP service without SIP server

If SIP server configuration is not provided by OMCI (e.g. through ONT web GUI or TR-069), the network administrator should keep the “SIP Server” setting at default value (0, Not used) and skip all SIP server related settings in the previous section.It may be required to do extra settings at the ONT. Please refer to related ONT’s configuration manual.

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