Handheld OTDR-2000N

Optical Time Domain Reflectometry (OTDR)


Handheld OTDR

                      Handheld OTDR

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  • Touchscreen, convenient operation mode
  • Ultra-short event dead zone can test the wire jumper of the optical fiber.
  • It can test the circuit with light and give an alarm, avoiding existence of the equipment whose signal light is damaged in the optical fiber tested.
  • High-power visible laser fault location function is equipped inside.
  • Universal light output interface which is easy to be replaced enables a variety of interface tests.
  • Multiple choices of wavelengths and dynamic ranges best meet the requirement of the users.
  • The highly intelligent analytical software can accurately recognize the melting point of the fault.


Fiber TypeSingle-ModeSingle-ModeMulti-ModeQUAD Single-Mode/Multi-Mode
Dynamic Range28/26dB32/30dB26/28dBSM:37/35dB
MM: 26/28dB
Measurement range60-80KM80-100KM80-100KMSM:120-140KM
MM: 80-100KM
Event dead zone1m
Attenuation dead zone10m6m
Attenuation measurement±0.05(dB/dB)
Accuracy± (1m+ sample interval +0.005%×distance)±(0.75m+ Sampling interval +0.005%× Test distance)
Reflection measurement±5dB
Pulse width10/30/50/100/275/500/1000/5000/100005/10/50/160/320/ 500/ 1000/ 5000/ 10000/ 20000 (ns)
Data storage≥800 testing curves≥2000 testing curves
OTDR Trace FormatSOR
VFL output≥2mW≥5mW
LS output/≥-5dBm
OPM output/+26dBm~-50dBm (Replaceable: +6dBm~ -70dBm)
Display3.5 inch color LCD with touch screen5.8 inch color LCD with touch screen
Communication PortUSBUSB, mini-USB,10M/100M Ethernet
Optical output portFC/UPC (can be interchanged to SC or ST)
Power supplyAC/DC adapter:
AC input: 100V~240V
Power frequency: 50Hz~60Hz
Internal lithium battery8.4V, 5200mAh8.4V, 6700mAh
Working hours of battery>8 hours>10 hours
Working Temp.-5 o C~50 o C
Storage Temp.-20 o C~70 o C

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