Have you met OLT-ONT vendor compatibility issues?

PON equipment compatibility issues discussions

  “We have massive GPON deployment in Russia and always have OLT-ONT compatibility issues between different vendors – Ericsson, Huawei, ZTE etc. Can anyone recommend field proven ONT vendor to work with major OLT vendors?”

PON vendors compatibility issues

PON vendors compatibility issues

Better to know what kind of compatibility issues firstly? ranging problem?

Which OLT vendor are you using? base on that try to do the test. For example if your OLT is ZTE please try at the beginning with one of the same vendor and after that with Ericsson ONU or Alcatel and finally HW. and also its important to know what kind of compatibility issues you are getting? ranging problem?

Facing the same interoperability(IOT) problem

I absolutely agree with author’s statement, as i am facing the same problem. I have tried to test Huawei ONT over Ericsson OLT now the problem is that EMS have some versions added into it and configured at OLT now only those which of course are Ericsson one can be sync and some other specific versions like Zyxel but again more specific. Then i tried to test Ericsson over Huawei again the problem of OMCI and line profile issue. Finally i am now trying to test ZTE one let see what will happen next. Being project manager I wanted to have interoperability and I am looking for that but still no success yet.

Looking for the 3rd party ONT vendor, may be the best solution.

The thing is that despite GPON is the standardized protocol each vendor is trying to hook customer on its own ONTs. In informal discussions they do state that full OLT-ONT interoperability can be reached only inside one vendor product line. I am using Ericsson and Huawei. Thus I am looking for the 3rd party ONT vendor to cope with Ericsson and Huawei. There are some on the market.

You can’t have the interoperability untill unless you add those vendor specific versions (into your EMS, NMS,  and OLT etc.)

IOT test demo (Register ONT)

IOT test demo (Register ONT)

Yes, I do agree to some extent but when I took the training of Ericsson and Huawei they comply that there OLT support this feature but the ground realities are somehow different. As I am also using Ericsson and Huawei OLT.

But the problem is that you can’t have the interoperability untill unless you add those vendor specific versions into your EMS, NMS and do the same configuration at the OLT side.

For example if one vendor have the different line profile for there ONT the same line profile and firmware should be incorporated at the OLT side to register that ONT There are three methods of registring that MEthod A,B,C mostly used is Method C. Now if they open up the things then there is no issue and you can perform the IOT. I agree with you that they want sell there ONT and its a monopoly.

In future, big vendors will supply only OLTs, but ONT business will be totally occupied by smaller companies

I agree with you! Big vendors are telling in public that they are compatible with each other, but the truth is different. To my opinion in the nearest future big vendors will supply only OLTs, but ONT business will be totally occupied by companies like D-Link, Zyxel and smaller ones. I can see that from my customers’ side – they do not want monopoly on ONTs. The situation with GPON will be the same as with xDSL solutions.

Most of the operators are looking for to have independent ONT

OLT-ONT interoperability test

OLT-ONT interoperability test

Yes author, thats why most of the operators are looking for to have independent ONT and I am forcing my vendors to do the said task whatsoever is the situation as i don’t want to have stuck kind of situation and my Boss being some telecom Director is working on a mechanism to have a win win situation. Let see what will happen next but I am confident that as you said GPON will be the same like xDSL for sure. And i know as i go through each and every part of it as far as technical things are concern and its very easy, although I have some doubts on the standards as its not that matured enough.

Big vendors & OEM

We have been working on GPON interoperability since 2009. Our GPON Test & monitoring tools have been used to identify all kind of issues and I must confess that still there are a lot to solve. To make this even worse ONT manufacturers provide different versions, some of them hardcoded and big vendors try to capture market by forcing to buy their OLT and ONTs (they play little tricks with the ONTs, which are not illegal, but that unless known make compatibility with other ONT manufacturers a bit more difficult).

  Some companies are providing their technology to Fiberhome, ZTE, Alcatel etc and others as OEM, may be you could try them, like full ONT/ONU series here.

  Let’s share a true interoperability(IOT) test dialogue, to finish today’s discussions.

Q: Is interoperability issu resolved? Can you confirm?
A: No, its still a big problem right now and i am working on it have taken all the concern people in loop to get this done but as you know vendor cheats you and you have to be technically sound enough to stop them.

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