Horizontal directional drilling and FTTH construction


 Horizontal directional drilling, commonly called HDD or Directional boring, is a construction machine of laying a variety of underground utilities (pipelines, cables, etc.), without excavating the ground surface, with minimal impact on the surrounding area. By the way, HDD is used when trenching or excavating is not practical.

A horizontal directional drilling HDD

A horizontal directional drilling HDD

 HDD(Horizontal directional drilling) is widely used in water supply, electricity, telecommunications, natural gas, coal, oil and other fields.

 Most of the horizontal directional drilling equipment used the Max. Pull capacity to measure the device capabilities size, such as 15 tons, 20 tons, 28 tons, 32 tons, 40 tons, 68 tons, 120 tons, 245 tons, 400 tons, 550 tons and 1000tons etc.

The working principle of the HDD

The working principle of the HDD

Underground cable laying machine

 There is a full introduction video for this Underground cable laying machine, which would be perfect solution for FTTH construction projects.

HDD and fiber to the home (FTTH)

 Progress in cost-reducing fiber-laying technologies has progressed to the point that the actual cost of laying an undergroud FTTH network today is extremly competive. One of the most remarkable recent developments has been horizontal directional drilling (HDD), also known as trenchless deployment.

 Based on our project experience, making FTTH in rural areas is not that difficult. Going into the cities is more difficult though. You don;t want to block the roads and space i soften limited. Here you can use HDD (Horizontal directional drilling). Here is a little video that shows and explains on this issue.

HDD Parameter:
 For better explaining the detail specification of this device, FOT is sharing this 15tons horizontal directional drilling machine parameters:

The Main Machine of Horizontal Directional Drilling Rig
Power of Engine66.2 KW(89HP) (2200r/min)
Max. Push capacity75KN (16860 lbf)
Max. Pull capacity150KN (33720 lbf)
Rated Torque4200 N·M(3096 lbf·ft)
Hollow Spindle RPMLower 0-60r/min
High 0-120r/min
Feeding Stroke3500 mm(137.8 inch)
Diameter of Guide HoleФ80 mm(3.15 inch)
Drilling Angle of hydraulic HDD rig0°—20°
Pressure of hydraulic system20-25Mpa(2901-3626 psi)
Traveling speed2.5 km/h (8200 feet/h)
Structural Styleintegrated with rubber crawler and mud pump
Dimension (L×W×H)5800×2050×2380 mm(228×81×94 inch)
Weight of hydraulic HDD rig6100 kg(13450 lb)
Mud Pump of Horizontal Directional Drilling Rig
Max. Discharge160 L/min(42.3 US Gallons/min)
Peak Pressure of hydraulic HDD rig pump10 Mpa(1450 psi)
Mud Process System of Horizontal Directional Drilling Rig
Mud Tank1.5M3 (53 feet3)
Drilling Tools and Auxiliary System of Horizontal Directional Drilling Rig
Specification of RodФ60×3000 mm(Ф2.36×118 inch)
Guide Bit of hydraulic HDD rigФ80 mm(3.15 inch)
ReamerФ179,Ф259,Ф313,Ф365,Ф417mm (Ф7.05,Ф10.2,Ф12.32,Ф14.37,Ф16.42 inch)
Distributor25T(55125 lb)
TrackerOptional Part
Hydraulic anchoring and auto loading systemoptional part
  1. I was not sure what case boring was, and how it worked, but this site really helped out. The picture and video helped out a lot, I don’t think I would know that it deals with drilling underthings like a river or road. I wonder how often it is used in road construction, would that help keep the roads open?

    • Thanks for comment. Glad to know this post can help you a bit regarding to the construction details. About the actual application of this drilling machine details, welcome to share your ideas and questions to us (sales@fiberoptictel.com), and our team will follow your questions.
      Regards and Wishes.

  2. Good info and technology but this hdd have rental or just buy

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