How to choose FTTH solution and Fiber Optic Equipment supplier?

Fiber connectors and couplers

Fiber Optic Connectors & Fiber Couplers

How to choose fiber optic equipment supplier?

 In China, which is famous as the title “world-factory” and the booming international trade market, there are many choices in FTTx GEPON solution/products market.

 Many questions would usually be asked similarly in this way, as following:

 “What’s your ONU/OLT chipset? Broadcom TK3715, TK3723? Qualcomm? Cortina?….”

 “Can your EPON ONU work with other brands OLT?”

 “Can your fiber optic equipment meet our telecom operators’s tender sheet?”

 “Our  important project need those items, Could you pls send samples to us ASAP?”;


 Maybe, we have the same problem, or different one,when we are purchasing or outsourcing the Fiber Optic Equipment/FTTx GEPON solution product.

But those factors are absolutely necessary:

  • Quality and delivery guarantee;
  • After-sales support;
  • Customerization;
  • Stability/Reliability;


How to choose FTTH solution supplier?

EPON ONU/GPON ONT 210 Portfolios

Portfolios of FTTH PON CPE/ONT

 Meanwhile, how to choose FTTH solution is another big challenge for most of us,who is willing to build his/her own dream application plan.

 As the multimedia and big data times coming,we have much more applications choices and more solution to choose.

 Counting by popularity, there are rich type of application service in the fiber optic terminal solution, such as Internet Access, CATV service, Voice/VoIP, Video Conferencing, IPTV, Monitoring, even an e-Home/e-Office intelligent system  and etc.

 Since fiber optic equipment is not a small unit,moreover,multiple type of terminal devices sourcing and multiple application systems requirement, all together is making your FTTH Solution plan huge and complicate.

 Generally, the key to choose your ideal FTTH solution supplier is the one with the full product line and related service, which is called one-stop supplier, e.g, a “ABC Fiber Shop” can offer fiber optic equipment and communication products at the same time.

 For more detail, there is a drawing to display how the IP camera monitoring application is used in fiber optic network solution.

IP camera monitoring fiber optic network solution

IP camera monitoring fiber optic network solution

 B.T.W, there are various application sharing in Fiber Opitc Telecom (FOT) Application Solution page. 

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