How to deploy OFN (Optical fiber network)

[Video] Methods of FTTH deployment

  We transfer knowledge and experience to our customers. And bring FTTH to you!

How to establish a broadband network

  As prefix blog posts mentioned, our FOT FTTH team are also acting and also going to counsel and guide you when you are expanding and building your fiber optics network.

Cost effective for large fiber cable project

  “A faster and more cost effective approach to lay fiber without damaging or disrupting existing infrastructure.”

Expansion of broadband network also in more rural areas

  In this video we will present some deployment solutions as there are several techniques to choose from depending on the circumstances.

“For long lasting and high performance solutions you need to go underground with a pipe system that will protect the optic fibers.”
“Productivity rates are high and also less excavation than an ordinary open trench. A backfilling team is needed.”
“This project wants to make many kilometers a day. As the total project is 1.8 million meters.There are several teams as time is limited”
“First layer of backfill done gently by hand, and rest by machines… Most importantly, leaving the road as smooth as possible after the fiber cable deployment”
“A safe way to work in a city landscape where open pits and cracked asphalt are best to be avoided.”

“In comparison with other contracting machinery a micro trencher is easy to move around.”

“Preparations necessary for micro trenching is less than with an ordinary open trench.”

“There is a vacuum cleaner that will keep dust and particles away from the construction site. With no disruption of other surrounding infrastructure. And importantly, there are little or no disruptions to traffic.”
“Choose perfect machine/device for micro trenching because it is flexible in deployment but stiff and stable requirement on edge.”

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