How to install a POE injectors?

POE injectors & telecom network devices

  Today, FOT Blog is sharing a technical guide, 4 steps to install the POE injectors with the supporting devices.

PoE injector connection diagram

PoE injector connection diagram

Step 1, check the packing list

  Please kindly check the following items:

  1. POE injector 1 piece
  2. Power cable 1 piece
  3. Machine parts 1 set
  4. User Manual /Warranty Card/conformity certificate


Power indicator: PONWorking
OFFPower off
PoE indicator: PoE (Green LED)ONConnected PD device, working properly
BlinkShort circuit or Current overload
OFFNo connected PD device or No power supply

  Note: Please make sure that powered devices conforms to IEEE802.3af/at

Step 2, Connect to power

  Smart managed PoE switch adopts AC 100-240V, 50/60Hz.

  1. Please check the power supply specification matches with the required;
  2. Connect switch power wire to AC power socket, shown as in the following figure.
Tips: After installation, please check:
If there is enough space for heat sink; if the power socket is suitable for switch specification; if the power, switch and rack are
properly grounded and if the connection between switch and other network equipments are normal.

Step 3, Cable connection.

  Confirm the following things before installation:

  1. Whether POE port power supply power meet the power requirement of the connected devices or not.
  2. Whether the POE standard requirements and power supply mode match with the powered devices or not, Mid-span : 4,5+; 7,8-/ End-span : 1,2+; 3,6-;
  3. Whether the power of the matched power adapter is consistent with the label specification requirement of the Ethernet switch.

  Please install the POE injectors as per following steps:

  1. Put POE injectors on big enough and steady desk.
  2. Use the power adapter to connect with power input port , and use power cable to connect the power socket.
  3. Connect network devices with the Ethernet port via network cable.
1. Don’t put any heavy goods on the POE injectors and make sure POE injectors get excellent ventilation and heat dissipation environments
2. Please turn off the power before hot plugging

Step 4, Startup

  Connect with power cable, insert jack, turn on the power. After startup, the LEDs shows following conditions:

  1. Power LED indicator is on all the time
  2. After the POE port connects with PD , POE indicator is ON.

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