How to use OTDR: Waveform operations

4 steps to operate OTDR waveform

  After finishing the measurement of waveform, OTDR user can perform a series operations over the wave form, e.g.: Zoom in/out waveform, move waveform, move cursor, operate event list.
  The direction keys will have different functions in different operation modes, for details see the table below:

Operation modeUp (↑)Down(↓)Left (←)Right (→)
Zoom in/outZoom in verticallyZoom out verticallyZoom out horizontallyZoom in horizontally
MoveMove upwardMove downwardMove leftwardMove rightward
CursorMove a lattice leftwardMove a lattice rightwardMove a point leftwardMove a point rightward
Event listPrevious event pointNext event pointNullNull

Zoom in/out waveform:

  X-axis waveform zoom in/out is a zoom in/out action centralized on cursor A or cursor B that you selected. Y-axis waveform zoom in/out is a zoom in/out action referring to mid-point of Y-axis. First select the zoom in/out mode. To make zoom in/out mode be current mode, click the right function buttons (F0-F5) in the menu options called zoom in/out in the first-level menu, the moment the zoom-in option will turn into a concave button, while the icon of current mode appearing in main menu turns into the icon. 

waveform operations buttons

waveform operations buttons

  Then you can click directional buttons to zoom in/out the waveform horizontally.

Move waveform

  Select move mode as current operation mode, then click directional buttons to move the waveform.

Move cursor

  Select cursor mode as current operation mode, then click directional buttons to move the cursor leftward or right ward. While you move the cursor, the dB value of the waveform that current cursor maps to will appear in the screen.

Select event point

  As long as you select an event point, the system will automatically move waveform, allow current event point to appear in the middle of waveform display area. To select an event point, first select event list mode as current operation mode, then click upward or downward directional buttons to select different event points.

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