Instructions of OTDR buttons and display panel

  OTDR, Optical Time Domain Reflectometry is a new generation of intelligent optical-fibre communication instrument. OTDR is widely used in the construction, maintenance, measurement, emergency repair of optical-fibre communication system works. Let’s take a brief guide to OTDR buttons and display panel.

OTDR buttons

OTDR frontal view

OTDR frontal view

(1) AUTO: auto measurement
(2) HOME: display entire curve
(3) Input English letters and numbers
(4) Switch input methods
(5) Power indicator
(6) ON/OFF: power ON/OFF the machine
(7) Measuring indicator
(8) START/STOP: start/stop measurement
(9) ENTER: confirm
(10) Direction buttons, zoom in/out and move waveform, move cursor, select event point
(11) Function buttons F0-F5
(12) CANCEL: cancel and exit
(13) FILE: file management
(14) SETUP OTDR: set the machine
(15) RESULT: testing results

OTDR side view

OTDR side view

(16) VFL: port of visual fault location
(17) OTDR optical-fibre input port
(18) USB data upload port
(19) External power supply input

(20) Battery cover

OTDR rear view

OTDR rear view

  OTDR is also used in the development, manufacturing and measurement of optical fibres and optical cables.

OTDR buttons and display panel

OTDR main menu

OTDR main menu

(1) Product name
(2) Name of current file
(3) Icon of VFL status
(4) Icon of auto power-off
(5) Input method
(6) Current mode: there are four modes, i.e.: zoom in/out, move, cursor, event list
(7) Charging or power volume indicator
(8) Date and time
(9) Distance value, loss value of cursor A
(10) Distance value, loss value of cursor B
(11) The values of distance and loss between cursors A and B
(12) Y position
(13) X position
(14) Current measurement parameters, including wave lengyh,18 pulse width and testing mode of light source
(15) Event display area, the distance, type, connecting loss, reflection loss of event point will appear in this area
(16) Cursor A, cursor B
(17) Event point
(18) Curve of testing result

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