IPTV Benefits vs. Cable/Satellite

Difference Between Cable, Satellite and IPTV

  Internet Protocol Television, or IPTV, is the wave of the future for online business. It’s a way of streaming video onto a television via a set top box and an Internet protocol suite instead of using cable or satellite. If you create high definition video content and use it either to drive purchases of your services or monetize the actual content, you want to be in this new marketplace. By having your content streamed on IPTV, you will be reaching a brand new audience at a time when many Internet businesses aren’t.

IPTV Solution

IPTV Solution

  How did IPTV come into existence? Due to innovations in high-speed broadband Internet and computer technology, it’s now possible for you to record videos on your computer, hand held recorder, smartphone, or computer and quickly upload it to a content delivery network. For the end user, it’s so much easier these days to view high quality streamed content on their computer, television, or mobile device. With more powerful and less expensive computers and now widespread availability of high speed Internet, everyone can afford to have streaming content pretty much wherever they go.

Broadcasting Your Content

  IPTV is a paradigm breaking invention. Previously, to get on television, you had to try and buy time via your local cable channel or local satellite television provider. You generally had little control over airtime and could only select a few options as to how often your content was playing. Typically, you were also on a local channel that everybody ignored because the interesting content was on another channel or service. So technically you were on television, but by every real standard for you and your business, you were not. You were throwing good money away.

  IPTV changes that. It turns the possible into the actual. You will reach new viewers and an entirely new audience because you will be providing content right alongside vendors such as Netflix, Hulu, HBO, and more. Not only that, because you have an internet presence, you will be able to cross promote your content thereby getting people who spot your content on their mobile devices or computers to check it out on their television. Or more importantly, to tell people who view their Internet content on IPTV all about you and your business.

IPTV Benefits vs. Cable/Satellite

  You will be able to select play times for your content by creating your own personal broadcast channel. This enables you to organize your content so you can sequence various videos in whatever order you prefer. You will also be able to have this content play nonstop if you so desire. You would never be able to do that with cable or satellite.

  Cable and satellite television providers would make you pay for each time that your content is aired. If you wanted it aired again, you would have to pay more. Because your high quality video content is on the Internet, this makes IPTV much more effective than satellite and cable.

  With IPTV, you can charge for people to view your content. Should you wish to charge admission to live broadcasts or charge for prerecorded content, which has a number of tools that allow you to set ticket price, select ticket vendors, issues refunds, give away free tickets and much more. Unless you had a lot of clout and/or money, this just was not an option to purchase from a cable or satellite television provider.

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