IPTV service applications in FTTH PON network

IPTV Service Application

  The FOT OLT supports IPTV service application. Both the subscriber side and network side interfaces of the OLT support IGMP V2 / V3, and can provide flexible multicast solution.
  The FOT OLT supports uniform control and management of multicast service access authorities, making record and statistics of subscriber multicast information, and controlling multicast program sources. The multicast service in controllable mode can effectively prevent protocol attacks, illegal multicast sources, illegal rebroadcasting, and illegal receivers, so as to protect the operator’s interests.
  The FOT OLT transmits multicast service in SCB+IGMP mode, and performs multicast service control and management via multicast control messages. The IPTV service application for the FOT PON OLT is illustrated in following figure.

IPTV service applications in FTTH PON network

IPTV service applications in FTTH PON network

Multicast service working modes

  The multicast service supports three working modes: IGMP Snooping mode, IGMP Proxy mode and controllable mode.
IGMP Proxy mode
  The FOT OLT works in IGMP Proxy mode and the ONU works in IGMP Snooping mode. When the OLT receives an IGMP join message from a certain subscriber, it captures this message and performs authentication. The OLT will perform the following operations when the message has passed the authentication:

  • If the multicast group to join does not exist in the multicast forwarding table of the OLT, the OLT will send an IGMP join request to the multicast server and create this group in the table.
  • If the group already exists in the table, the OLT will add the subscriber to the table and set the corresponding relationship between the multicast service and the subscriber.

IGMP Snooping mode
  Both the OLTand ONUs work under the IGMP Snooping mode, and multicast messages will be broadcast to all EPON / GPON interfaces and all ONUs.
Controllable mode
  In the IGMP Proxy / Snooping multicast protocol, the user authentication function is not supported. Users can join or leave a multicast group free from being charged by the operator. To solve this problem, the FOT OLT controls and manages the access of subscribers to multicast service, performs subscriber multicast information recording and statistics, and controls and manages multicast program sources. This can effectively prevent protocol attacks, illegal multicast sources, illegal rebroadcasting, and illegal receivers, so as to protect the operator’s interests.

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