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“RFoG: Radio frequency over glass, DOCSIS: Data Over Cable Service Interface Specification, CMTS: Cable modem termination system… “

RFOG Optical Node in a VoD overlay FTTx application

VoD overlay FTTx RFoG in application

VoD overlay FTTx RFoG in application

  RFoG delivers the same services as an RF/DOCSIS/HFC network, with the added benefit of improved noise performance and increased usable RF spectrum in both the downstream and return-path directions. Both RFoG and HFC systems can concurrently operate out of the same headend/hub, making RFoG a good solution for node-splitting and capacity increases on an existing network.

  RFoG allows service providers to continue to leverage traditional HFC equipment and back-office applications with the new FTTP deployments. Cable operators can continue to rely on the existing provision and billing systems, Cable modem termination system (CMTS) platforms, headend equipment, set-top boxes, conditional access technology and cable modems while gaining benefits inherent with RFoG and FTTx.

RFoG provides several benefits over traditional network architecture:

  • More downstream spectrum; RFoG systems support 1 GHz and beyond, directly correlating to increased video and/or downstream data service support
  • More upstream bandwidth; RFoG’s improved noise characteristics allow for the use of the full 5–42 MHz return-path spectrum. Additionally, higher-performance RFoG systems not only support DOCSIS 3.0 with bonding, but also enable 64 quadrature amplitude modulation (QAM) upstream transmission in a DOCSIS 3.0 bonded channel, dramatically increasing return-path bandwidth.
  • Improved operational expenses; RFoG brings the benefits of a passive fiber topology. Removing active devices in the access network reduces overall power requirements, as well as ongoing maintenance costs that would normally be needed for active elements (such as nodes and amplifiers).

Both cost savings and increased capacity for new services (revenue generating and/or competitive positioning) are driving the acceptance of RFoG as a cost-effective step on the path towards a 100-percent PON-based access network.

How to choose or purchase a RFOG node?

400C RFOG FTTH CATV Optical Receiver

400C RFOG FTTH CATV Optical Receiver

  400C RFOG FTTH CATV Optical Receiver offers the operators competitive advantage and enormous flexibility over the traditional HFC architectures avail enough the existing RF and DOCSIS technology to deploy a fiber optic distribution network. FOT RFOG Receiver 400C operates over a standard Passive Optical Network (PON) ODN architectures using a standard HFC optical wavelength, connect to cable modems, televisions and set-top boxes through the existing coaxial cable, no need the neighboring HFC nodes and the annual testing and maintenance. FOT RFOG Receiver 400C allows PON, RFoG and mixed PON network to extend the bi-directional and interactive RF business through the passive optic distribution network, it could be used at the same optic cable which PON access to support the voice, video and data business. FOT RFOG Receiver 400C provides bi-directional services over extended RF frequencies (up to 1.1GHz) while being agnostic to head-end equipment, customer equipment, and compatible with today’s operating processes.


  1. For FTTH
  2. Using the low noise pHEMT GaAs FET as the first RF amplify module, fit to low optic power input.
  3. Support the universal HFC set-top box, cable modem and head-end equipment
  4. Transparent return path capability (protocol and modulation format agnostic)
  5. Optical AGC function ( reach the positive RF level
  6. Reduce the convergence noise
  7. Local or remote power supply
  8. Die-casting aluminum housing, excellent heat dissipation performance
  9. It is compatible with DAVIC and DOCSIS

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