Learn another pioneering technology: NG-PON2

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What is NG-PON2?

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  NG-PON2 is compatible with existing PON fibre by replacing optical line terminal (OLT) at the central office, and the optical network unit (ONU) near each end-user.

  A passive optical network is a last mile, fibre-to-the-x telecommunications network that broadcasts data through fibre optic cables. PONs are managed by passive optics such as unpowered splitters and filters, offering high reliability and low cost compared to active networks. The PON data stream is generally converted to a more traditional service such as Ethernet and Wi-Fi at the subscriber’s location.

PON standards development and interop

PON standards development and interop

Are there any Global NG-PON2 projects?

  Portugal Telecom announced the commitment to bring fiber to 5.3 million Portuguese homes and companies until the year 2020, presented a new 100% national technology. Called NG-PON2, this new technology will increase 16 to 32 times the current fiber optic speeds.

  Developed in PT Innovation Labs, the new solution runs on current physical structures of PT, coexisting with GPON (Gigabit Passive Optical Network) and without any additional investment. At the physical level, the NG-PON2 embodied in two optical termination equipment also developed by PT Innovation: the Optical Line Termination – OLT (central device) and the Optical Network Termination – ONT (terminal equipment in customers’ homes or behind the scenes business customers).

Advantages of NG-PON2 technology

NG-PON2 high bandwidth Rx Rate

NG-PON2 high bandwidth Rx Rate

  In addition to significantly increase the bandwidth, the new solution lets you bring symmetry for a massified access network, ensuring the same speed in downloading and uploading content. “As of today we symmetrical speeds of 40 Gbps and by early 2016 we will be able to achieve 80 Gbps,”

  The new technology is so clearly an immediate advantage over the current GPON, which ensures asymmetrical speeds of 2.5 Gbps to 1.25 Gbps download and upload.

Aside the benefits for the global bandwidth customers, this technology also brings benefits for telecom operators. By being compatible with mobile networks, NG-PON2 will allow telecos to be more effective in meeting the customer’s needs for increasing mobility.

  This technology makes possible the massification of the access to optical fiber, thus responding to the growing demands for bandwidth and allowing a more efficient cost management, in particular for corporate clients. From the smallest to the larger corporations, all companies will have access to more and better services, independently of their size or location.

NG-PON2 demonstration

A NG-PON2 ONT demonstration

A NG-PON2 ONT demonstration

Case 1: Calix NG-PON2 demonstration

  Shown at the 2015 Calix User Group Conference, Calix engineer Chris Bernard demonstrates new 10 gigabit PON technologies XGS-PON and NG-PON2, as well as co-existence between the new technologies with GPON.

Case 2: Portugal Telcom demonstration

  This was a pioneer demonstration worldwide as it was the first time that an operator presented these symmetrical speeds. Also it was the first time this was made with tunable ONTs, which allows the choice for a different wavelength or light color without service disruption in cases of failure, and on real network scenario. This positions PT in the spotlight, both national and internationally, as a leader in the development of optical communication solutions.

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