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EOC Master User Manual: structure

“1EoC module, 2 input/output outdoor EoC master, AR7400”

  FOT EoC-M701o is outdoor EoC master with 1EoC module and 2 input & 2 output outdoor EoC master.

  It works with EOC slave in Ethernet over coax network and provides layer-2 Ethernet Access to users through television coaxial cable and meanwhile without influence on the existing CATV signal transmission.

The external Structure

FOT EOC Master external Structure

FOT EOC Master external Structure

The internal structure

Front view internal structure

Front view internal structure

① Console
② ETH1/2 upper link
③ Reset button
④ Indicator
⑤ TV input
⑥ TV+DATA output
⑦ RF out

EoC master’s Physical interface

PowerAC 220V/50Hz
F connectorTV input
F connectorTV+DATA output
PG9waterproff connector Data input

EoC Master Installation Guide

  “Ethernet over copper (also known as EoC) is a form of Ethernet in the first mile connection that uses twisted copper telephone wire. It uses the same RJ-45 jack connection that conventional Ethernet cables use. The physical layers used for Ethernet over copper are 2BASE-TL and 10PASS-TS.”

Environment requirement

  Please do not install the EOC master in such environment conditions:

  • High temperature
  • Susceptible to electromagnetic interference
  • Unstable voltage
  • And large vibration environment
    EoC hardware installation

    EoC hardware installation

Installation Steps and Guides

Step 1: Catv signal input (RF)

  RF signal via coax cable with F connector to connect the EOC TV input.

Step 2: TCP/IP network data input

  Data signal via UDP-T to connect the ETH1 or ETH2 and upper ONU or optical media converter RJ 45 port.

Step 3:  CATV+Data mix Output

  RF+Data output signal via coax cable connect to downward network system.

In EOC installation process, please ensure the power off (blackout) of the EOC master

EoC’s equipment management system

  A web network management system is embedded in EoC (Ethernet over copper, also called Ethernet over Cable, Ethernet over Coax) master, which can quick and conveniently manage the EoC slave CPEs or terminals.

EoC management system slave settings

EoC management system slave settings

  System information records the current state of EOC Master devices, in this page you can:

  • Check the network host information: IP address, gateway, subnet mask, MAC address, the running time of equipment, etc.
  • Check the device information: manufacturers, equipment type, hardware and the software version number version number, the installation address, etc

Frequently asked questions for FOT EoC device

Q1. Can i name the EoC slaves so i can tell which slave is which on the EoC master?

Yes, you can add description to name the slaves.

Q2. need to know the ideal signal levels for the slave to operate properly?

The EoC receive sensitivity is -60dBm.

Q6. Is there a way to pre-set the wireless modems with our configuration from the factory?

please give me the detail of pre-set configuration;
mounting holes of EoC slave

mounting holes of EoC slave

Q8. We use the modems with a DirecTV system which uses high frequency signals, can you replace the splitter in the modem to pass the following signal: 2 – 2300Mhz

yes ,we can change the splitter, if your order quantity is big

Q9. What is the optimum SNR for the EoC modem?

the SNR value is bigger and better, but we would better keep the SNR is bigger than 35dB;

Q11. Do you have a wall mounting bracket for the modems?

Please check the EoC-S704W picture above.
There is holes at back of modem, which you can hang on wall.

Congrats FOT! 3 types of EoC equipment win CE certificates

EoC here means Ethernet over Coax, also called Ethernet over copper or Ethernet over Cable.

EoC-S704W CE testing

EoC-S704W CE testing

  FOT have full series of EoC products, including EoC master (head end) or EoC slave (terminals). For example, those three types of our EoC series quipment: EoC-M701o, EoC-S704 and EoC-S704W have win the CE Certificates.

EoC S704W CE Certificate of Conformity

EoC S704W CE Certificate of Conformity

Why need the CE Certificate of Conformity?

CE is often taken to be an abbreviation of Conformité Européenne, meaning “European Conformity”.

  The CE marking is the manufacturer’s declaration that the product meets the requirements of the applicable EC directives.

EoC-S704 and it’s CE Certificate

  This makes the CE marking recognizable worldwide even to people who are not familiar with the European Economic Area. It is in that sense similar to the FCC Declaration of Conformity used on certain electronic devices sold in the United States.

Ask for more details in EoC!

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