Notes for FTTH Outside plant (OSP) installation (summary)

  Tag: FTTH OSP installation is collected by FOT FTTH blog. Our goal is share our friends more FTTH Outside plant (OSP) installation posts and details!

FOT Lesson: FTTx Installation Guide (video)

  How to splice the FTTx installation to outside home …… using fiber tool etc.

Notes for fiber network project staffs (Index)

  “Regarding to the daily fiber ftth?project issues, FOT FTTH blog is trying to collect a series of OSP notes, to guide your team’s design, installation and testing of fiber optic networks.” 

FTTH Project OSP

FTTH Project OSP

How to establish a broadband network

  As prefix blog posts mentioned, our FOT FTTH team are also acting and also going to counsel and guide you when you are expanding and building your fiber optics network.

Cost effective for large fiber cable project

  “A faster and more cost effective approach to lay fiber without damaging or disrupting existing infrastructure.”

Fiber project OSP civil works preparation

  Any fiber installation project is a major undertaking. Responsibility for the oversight of everything from detailed implementation plans to community relations, ensuring sufficient materials are ordered in a timely manner to safety and environmental concerns, means an intense amount of pre-work and ongoing coordination for the life of a project.

Optical Fibre Construction Parameters

  Fibre can either be single-mode (SM) or multimode (MM). Fibre sizes are expressed by using two numbers e.g. 9/125. The first number refers to the core size in microns and the second number refers to the core and cladding size combined in microns. It is impossible to differentiate between SM and MM fiber with the naked eye. There is no difference in the outward appearances; both are 125 microns in size – only the core size differs.

Why FTTH can save your telecom cost

  “In determining the optimum, long-term, cost-effective solution we had to consider the differing needs of the market, the Government, regulation and, of course, our client.”

DIY FTTx projects design: Architectures

  Summary speaking, the principle of FTTh projects’ architectures design: “In any FTTX deployment, the goal of network planners is to build the most flexible and reliable system possible in the least amount of time and at the lowest possible cost.”

Aerial FTTH OSP installation discussions

  “To plan a solution like this you need to consider the subscriber quantity and distance between them and the central office so you can design distribution methods and know what materials.”
  “First you need to know the electrical network in this city is underground or over head ..if is it overhead you need to get the drawings for medium voltage and low voltage poles .. Then determined the sited,, survey ,, design ,, BOQ finally estimate cost”.

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