How old are you? Fiber telecom items in old city center

  Few days ago, we took some pictures about outside fiber telecom cable maintenance and optimization work in our local city center. After sharing in our FOT Telecom SNS platform, hot discussion related to this “optimization of fiber cable in city” topics discussed by our global friends.

How old are you? Fiber telecom items in local city center’s backbone node.

General guidelines for fiber cable installation is necessary

  “Although it is not a fragile medium, optical-fiber cable must be carefully and expertly installed to realize its full potential.”

  “There are many aspects of optical-fiber cable installation that could be examined, but two of the most important from a practical standpoint are general guidelines for installation in the building spaces most commonly associated with premises wiring-horizontal runs, runs above ceilings and below floors, runs in cable trays, riser runs-and specific procedural hints that apply to most or all optical-fiber cable pulls-jacket removal, handling core components, fiber stripping and using breakout kits.”

A good plan make your telecom deployment perfect

  Design and document your outside plant fiber network faster with professional project knowledge. When you deploy upgrades, activate new service, and restore faults more quickly, layout and verify FTTx, HFC, and other architectures, several steps optimization of fiber cable OSP engineering issues:

  • Save time when you design, document, and produce construction prints in one environment
  • Design and document WDM networks with fewer errors with support for WDM devices and fiber splitters
  • Optimize designs on the fly with optical engineering calculations that update as equipment is placed
  • Design faster with a workflow that avoids time-consuming database transactions
  • Share your fiber network model with the enterprise through open data standards and an open API
  • Maintain a precise end-to-end network model by a professional team.

Professional experience & suggestion from our friends

  Failure to comply with conditions of safety organization, arrangement and poor choice in the selection of installation sites.

Potential improvements:

  • duct renting if available
  • aerial fiber involves attaching fiber to poles
  • façade fiber staples the fiber to the front of buildings, where allowed
  • low cost, fast techniques such as micro trenching
  • reducing digging costs by training local contractors to carry out the work
  • optimization of network topology By choosing the right locations for the network Rerouting networks and zone reorganization and cost rationalization and ease of maintenance

  With the requirements to provide the suitable alternative sites and permanent sites to cut loss cost.
  With a note that the use aerial cable a temporary solution Used in special cases.
  Such as an alternative solution in case of high digging costs not to allow digging in commercial and main streets.

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