OLT EMS Port Aggregation function FAQ

  “I am learning the OLT EMS and I found that there is a Port Channel Group option where I can configure load balancing of the PON ports. Can your team please help us to understand how Port Channel Group works.”

  Most equipment vendors provide a step by step user manual for help in configuring telecom network products for first time users. But sometimes, we still have such technology questions to ask, as the following port aggregation function FAQ in PON OLT EMS (Element management system):
a Port Channel Group option in OLT EMS

a Port Channel Group option in OLT EMS

  Can I use it to load balance my PON ports?

  What is the Port Aggregation function in PON OLT equipment?
  Also is there any PON System Manual or OLT documentation / Guide that explains how to setup the OLT Port Aggregation step by step?
Yes, sure. FOT Telecom provides a Step by Step manual for help in configuring OLT for our customers first time users.

  If this feature can be used on PON ports? Or is Port Channel only for the UPlink ports.

Yes, it just support configuration the uplink port for this feature. About the details, kindly please look through the OLT product configuration manual.

What is the Port Aggregation

  Port aggregation is that several ports constitute an aggregation group so that it can share responsibility for traffic load in each port. When one link is broken down, the traffic will switch to another automatically to ensure traffic is unblocked. It seems that the aggregation group is the same as a port.
  In an aggregation group, member ports must have the same speed, the same duplex mode and the same basic configurations. Basic configurations contain:
(1) STP configurations such as STP status, link properties (e.g. p2p port), priority, cost, message format, loopdetect status, edge port or not.
(2) QoS configurations such as rate limiting, priority mark, 802.1p priority, congestion avoidance.
(3) VLAN configurations such as VLAN ID, PVID.
(4) Port link type such as trunk mode, hybrid mode and access mode.
(5) GVRP configurations such as switch status, registration type, timer value.

How to config a Port Aggregation

  Create a static aggregation group

  At most 4 groups can be created. You can add 4 member ports altogether in every group and at most 4 ports will come into being aggregation at the same time.
  Every group is defined as a channel group; the commands are centre on channel group.

           Command; Function
Step 1 configure terminal; Enter global configuration mode.
Step 2a channel-group <1-4> mode static; Create static aggregation group.
Step 2b no channel-group <1-4>; Delete static aggregation group.
Step 3 show channel-group summary; Show static aggregation group configuration.

  Configure load balancing policy of aggregation group

  Configuring load balancing policy includes source MAC, destination MAC, both source and destination MAC, source IP, destination IP, both source and destination IP. Default load balancing policy is based on source MAC.

           Command; Function
Step 1 configure terminal; Enter global configuration mode.
Step 2 channel-group <1-4> load-balance {smac|dmac|sdmac|sip|dip|sdip}; Specify which link is used to transmit traffic in aggregation group.
Step 3 show channel-group summary; Show aggregation configurations.

  Configure member port of aggregation group

           Command; Function
Step 1 configure terminal; Enter global configuration mode.
Step 2 interface {interface_type slot/port}; Enter interface configuration mode.
Step 3a channel-group <1-4>; Add current port to specific channel group.
Step 3b no channel-group <1-4>; Delete current port from specific channel group.
Step 4 exit; Exit global configuration mode.
Step 5 show channel-group summary; Show aggregation gourp configurations.

Ask for OLT/EMS User Manual Details!

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