Optical LAN saves us energy and money

Optical LAN saves us energy and money

  At our Small & Medium Office (SMO) and Small Office Home Office (SOHO), there were various of equipment and terminals: personal computers, laptop, phone, WiFi ap and even supercomputers etc, and high bandwidth with them.

  Certainly energy-saving technology is helping solve some of the most challenging issues and problems when it comes to our multimedia application service, as you are about to see.

Why Optical LAN?

  Private enterprises and government agencies ally require huge amounts of bandwidth to meet their communication and security needs. Today there is a new technology that uses fiber optic cables, instead of copper cables to provide phone, data and video services, that saves money, energy and spaces.

Conventional LAN Cables

Conventional LAN Cables

Network Equipment Updating

  Every five to ten years, with basic cable plan, you have to pull those cables out of the wall and replaced them with new cables that await for higher traffic.With optical LAN, we put the fiber optic cable in once and there is forever you don’t have to change it out.The bandwidth of fiber is just innumerous. In fact, we already forgot the physics that have told us the maximum bandwidth within those fiber optic cable.
The need for updating network equipment containing costs and saving energy, is a prime importance to our department of engineering and energy investment like Board of Directors.

fiber & bandwidth

fiber & bandwidth

Fiber Optic LAN Case

  Optical LAN network changing the way we communicate, like what this video below showing how to get higher bandwidth, more availability, better security, offer half the price 1/5 energy consumption and 1/10 space.”When this is all done, it will be saving about 1 million KW out per year, and those are the right kind of things to do so we can apply ourselves and our resources most effectively.”

  National security laboratories and enterprises ally are seeking innovative ways to lower their costs.

  And like Sandia, choosing passive optical LAN technology for a greener more energy-efficient way to deliver information in the workplace.


  Sandia found the high bandwidth needed for the speeding communication while actually saving energy, by switching from conventional LAN that uses copper cable to fiber optic LAN.

Big saving in energy

  That’s a big big big savings in terms of energy, as the video said. So for sandia, our particular site which is very large we will save about 65% percent of the energy they were currently using once the system fully realized.Fiber-optic means the instantaneous transmission of secure information at gigabyte speeds.

  High bandwidth technology, that is now being deployed to the farthest corners of its albuquerque campus of 13 000 users in 265 buildings, a transition sandia estimates will save up to 20 Million dollars over five years as well as valuable building space. 

Cooling and real estate saving

  “It’s it’s a very very large space savings, and that means cooling savings and real estate savings just out of their own everage around.”
“what used to be an endless massive cables and wires of a copper based internet LAN system, is not a single mode optical fiber cable, delivering high speed information throughout the national laboratories.”

Communications cables: Fiber or copper?

Communications cables: Fiber or copper?

  This part of the LAN system developed by a company similar to FOT (Fiber Optic Telecom Co.,Ltd), can save up to 80% of power use cost less than half as much as conventional LAN and provide an 90% reduction in space needed for installation of the networks, that amounts is a huge saving in IT costs energy, as old as security.

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