P2P: Your Another FTTH Solution

P2P: Your Another FTTH Solution

  Fiber is supposed to run 100 times faster than typical broadband connections, which travel through copper cables instead of fiber-optic ones.

FTTH P2P Architecture

  There are two popular architectures used with FTTH point-to-point (P2P) connectivity architecture and Point to Multi-Point (P2M)/ Passive Optical Network (PON) connectivity architecture.

FTTH P2P point to point Fiber Solution

FTTH P2P point to point Fiber Solution

  FOT is sharing a point-to-point (P2P) architecture where each user is connected to a dedicated port on a central switch(core switch), provides a long-distance, directly connected and “VIP FTTH Service” solution to enable real triple play on a future-proof fiber infrastructure. In P2P solution, with truly exclusive 100M(100 Mbit/s to 10 Gbit/s) bandwidth, users can easily enjoy the data, video, telephony, video on demand, telemedicine(healthcare), remotely education and related high-end residential & SOHO business broadband services etc.
  Key points that distinguish this solution from alternatives are:

  • Easy to configure and plan
  • Future proof
  • Offers subscribers dedicated bandwidth based on their individual requirements and offers differential services for residential and business customers in the same area.
  • Flexible and can be built with ring redundancy as well as combination of other topologies.
  • Long reach.


FeatureP2P topologyP2MP /PON topology
Scalability, future proof100 Mbit/s to 10 Gbit/s2.5 to 10Gbit
Bitrate sharingDedicated bitrateShared bitrate
SecurityHigh Security, through dedicated mediumRequires encryption, vulnerable to DoS attacks
Upstream traffic managementHighly sophisticated through switch matrixLimited by capabilities of MAC protocol
Interoperability OLT-CPEEasyStill challenging
Configuration and planningEasyDifficult
Per-subscriber CO power consumptionWe defined low value ( ≈ 2W), independent of splitter insertion loss.from very high to very low, Depends on splitter insertion loss.
Operating DistanceLong reach up to 40~80 kmLimited by the split ratio
FTTH P2MP_PON fiber solution

FTTH P2MP_PON fiber solution

FTTH P2P solution application:

  Every person has a few very important needs, especially for those customers in like rural district/area.

i)Telemedicine system

  Working with FTTH dedicated fiber, telemedicine system make it possible for the patients doctors, radiologists and other health care providers to reach a common goal fast and efficient communication.
  The “Telemedicine system” is all about personal service and building quality relationships with the people who operate healthcare facilities we serve around the country.
  FTTH P2P solution is to bring the best technology possible to rural health care providers, so they can focus on saving lives, saving time and saving money. 

ii)Remotely education system

  Online learning center, high bandwidth P2P optical network, and multimedia/digital content, build the perfect “remotely education” system. Make sure that the P2P fiber connection is there, all “students” can actually reach the digital content, most freedom, no matter what country they’re in.

iii)High-end residential & SOHO business solution.

  More detail about FOT P2P CPE, please refer to P2P FTTH Optical Home Gateway.

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