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New arrival: FOT OLT-1004M

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  FOT OLT-1004M is a low cost EPON OLT product, which is 1U height, and can be expanded into 19 inch rack mount products by hanging ears. The features of the OLT are small, cheap, convenient, flexible, easy to deploy. It is appropriate to be deployed in compact room environment. The OLTs can be used for Triple-Play, VPN, IP Camera, Enterprise LAN and ICT applications.

OLT-1004M whit adaptor mounting ears

OLT-1004M whit adaptor mounting ears

  The low cost OLT-1004M reduce the L2 or L3 switch chip for uplink ports, so each uplink port is connected to an EPON port directly, each PON port behaves as an independent EPON OLT port and there is no traffic switching between PON Ports and each PON port forwards packets to and receive packets from one dedicated uplink port. FOT OLT-1004M provides the full management functions for ONU according to CTC standard. Each of the 4 EPON OLT ports is fully compliant with IEEE 802.3ah standard and CTC 2.1 specification for SerDes, PCS, FEC, MAC, MPCP State Machines, and OAM extension implementation. Both upstream and downstream are operational at 1.25Gbps data rates.


FOT OLT-1004M in Application

FOT OLT-1004M in Application

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