PON application in urban security monitoring

Site applications of the security monitoring

“Monitoring front end, DVR: digital video recorder, Monitoring access platform, DVS: digital video server, Monitoring center”

Urban Security Monitoring Application

  While planning a network to address Urban Security Monitoring, “digital monitoring” is a key factor and must be taken into account. Numerous digital video recorders will be dispersed throughout the urban area requiring long transmission distances and high bandwidth.

  If an EPON / GPON system is used to implement the digital monitoring service, the above requirements can easily be satisfied.

FOT PON application in urban security

FOT PON application in urban security

  It is recommended to use the FOT ONT / FOT ONU together with the FOT OLT series to perform the urban security monitoring.

Monitoring front end

  The video signals of the video camera are encoded via network video server or digital video recorder. After that, the network video signals are transmitted to the switch for convergence, and then sent to ONUs.
  Network video cameras can be directly used on the monitoring front line, which transmit network video signals to the switch for convergence. The converged signals are then sent to the ONU.

Monitoring access platform

  The ONUs transport the network video signals to the PON OLT via the EPON / GPON line, and the FOT’s optical line terminal equipment sends the converged network video signals to the monitoring center via the uplink interface.

Monitoring center

  The monitoring center saves the network video signals received from the FOT OLT, and keeps these data in the event subsequent information processing or access is needed by the various city management functional departments. Meanwhile, network video signals are displayed on the TV wall via digital video matrix, so as to facilitate remote commands in case of emergencies.

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