PON Indicators Troubleshooting FAQ

PON Indicators Introduction

PON Indicators introduction

PON Indicators introduction

For better understand the detail PON equipment indicators information, let’s show a font view diagram of A GPON OLT product from FOT GOLT1008.

Tables of PON Indicator parameters.

Alarm LED IndicatorsDescriptions
PWRSystem power indicator for power slot
Green: system power normal
Off: system power loss
CRTCritical alarm indicator
Red:critical alarm
Off:no critical alarm
MJRMajor alarm indicator
Red:major alarm
Off:no major alarm
MNRMinor alarm indicator
Red:minor alarm
Off:no minor alarm
RDIRemote defect/alarm indicator
Red: RDI(remote defect (alarm) indicator of ONT) or Defect bite Error
Off: ONTs status normal
MNTMaintenance status indicator
Upgrade status indicator
Red: on upgrading status
Off: Not on upgrading status
ACOACO(Alarm cut-off) status indicator
Red: the alarm cut off enabled
Off: the alarm cut off disabled
PON Link StatusIndication
offPort disabled.
redPort enabled, but SFP isn’t plugged in.
greenPort enabled, and SFP already plugged in.
green flashingPort is working (Data transferring.)

LED indicators for each link / alarm / power

i) All indicators is off when the device powers on

Possible causes:

1.Power connection error;

2.Power is abnormal.


1.Check the power cable and power connection;

2.Ensure the power switch is on.

ii) GE indicators is off

Possible causes: 

1.Ethernet cable is unqualified or the connection is loose;

2.Ethernet cable type is wrong;

3.The transmission distance is out of range.


1.Replace the Ethernet cable;

2.Shorten the transmission distance.

3.Ensure the power switch is on.

iii) Stop working after a normal span running

Possible causes: 

1.Power adapter is abnormal;

2.The device is overheating.


1.Check the power connection, whether it is over-voltage or under-voltage;

2.Check the device, whether the blowhole is normal.

iv) RDI(Remote Defect Indicator) or LOS(Loss of Signal) indicator blinking

Possible causes:

1.Fiber error;

2.OLT Line card error.


 1.Check the fiber connection and fiber power by a power meter;

2.Contact with the operator.

v) PON indicator blinking

Possible causes:

1.Fiber joint is loose;

2.OLT Line card error;

3.there may be dust in the fiber joint.


1.Check the fiber connection;

2.Clean the fiber joint with alcohol;

3.Contact with the operator.

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