PON manufacturer interoperability topics: how to survive?

Interoperability is the key to SME PON ONT manufacturers

“I am in a search of those vendors who have already perform IOT with the main stream vendors. If any one of you knows that do let me know, I need this on urgent basis.”

  I guess you were familiar with following dialogue, if you also work in FTTH PON industry:

Q: Is interoperability issue resolved? Can you confirm?
A: No, its still a big problem right now and i am working on it have taken all the concern people in loop to get this done but as you know vendor cheats you and you have to be technically sound enough to stop them.
PON Service interoperability

PON Service interoperability

  As far as we know, the FTTH PON ONT manufacturers are trying to get its portion of ONT market and is trying to reach interoperability with the big ones.

Every customer is pressing majors to support 3rd party ONT manufacturers. As far as I know some SME PON vendors are trying to get its portion of ONT market and is trying to reach interoperability with the big ones.
All this is monopoly of Vendors, i have go through every technical part of it and i believe interoperability is possible with just a little modification in the equipment. thats all…
On a large GPON project, the vendor can be made to prove interoperability during FAT(final acceptance test), otherwise the equipment does not pass the FAT. This will compel the vendor to make good of what they stated during the tender process.
PON Network IOT Analysis

PON Network IOT Analysis

  A “standard 3rd party” PON ONT is needed

If there is a perfect IOT chipsets and software, which would have commercial success in deploying a “3rd party” PON ONT. And then, that standard ONT will provides its interoperable and field tested with all major OLTs (like ALU, HW, ZTE, Ericsson etc).
In some labs, the IOT test cases have OLT emulators and GPON protocol analysers, together with the test scripts. They can tell you how interoperable those ONUs are.

  Conflict of interest between vendors need to be solved via Broadband IOT Forum

The challenge that needs to be overcome is end to end provisioning which involves the OSS stack and therefore is not trivial but is also not rocket science. It is however early days for this but will get there just like DSL did. You just need to get your vendor to act like a partner.
PON Service IOT test (Pic from Cable Labs)

PON Service IOT test (Pic from Cable Labs)

  In summary, we can see the forecast in PON manufacturer interoperability trends: ONT will be more openly available and OLT vendors will need to focus more on their domain… And if an ONU manufacturer that has ONUs with a high degree of interoperability, it will survive on better.

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