PON optical power meter POPM-300

PON Optical Power Meter


FOT PON Optical power meter

POPM: PON Optical power meter

  FOT POPM-300 PON Optical Power Meter is a fiber optic tester, which aims at the installation, maintenance of fiber network. It’s not only can be used to test and estimate the PON signals, but also the normal power measurement and fault identification.


  • Measure three wavelengths(1310/1490nm/1550nm) simultaneously
  • Burst mode measurement at 1310nm wavelength
  • Large LCD screen with backlight function, 10 minutes Auto-off function
  • Six calibration wavelength available when tested as Normal OPM (850,1300,1310,1490,1550&1625nm)
  • VFL Function for quick and efficient fault identification
  • Data upload via USB cable, 1000 storage test records
  • 10 different threshold sets
  • User self-calibration function in software which used to calibrate the PON module or set the threshold value. 


Measurement wavelength131014901550
Pass Zone(nm)1260~13601470~15051535~1570
Measurement Range(dBm)-40~+10-40~+10-40~+20
Isolation1310nm(dB)- >40 >40
Isolation 1490nm(dB) >40- >30
Isolation 1550nm(dB) >40 >40-
Measurement Accuracy
Connatural uncertainty(dB)0.5
Connatural uncertainty(dB) <+0.25
Passing through insertion Loss(dB)<1.5
Normal Optical Power Meter Module
Measurement UnitdB/dBm/ xW
Resolution (dB)0.01
Power SupplyLi battery (9V)
Fiber TypeSM
Measurement Range(dBm)-10~600C
Store Range(dBm)-25~700C
Size (mm)210 x 115 x 55

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