Preview of FOT G.x series web-based management 2016

FOT G.x Web-based Management system information.
VLAN Management.
QoS configuration.
SNMP Manager.

  The FOT G.x series equipment web-based management interface is one of many tools specifically designed to assist the coax, RF network engineer in creating complex standalone or coax, RF network configurations. FOT G.x-M208 provides the default network settings for the Web browsers, which offers three different login privileges: superuser, admin and guest. 

You can browse (reference to product user manual), type the default user name and password.

System Information

  After login, the system Information page is shown, displaying the basic information of the switch as below.

Basic Information

  The Basic Information is shown as below: system information system information

Node Summary

  Detail information of all device in the system are shown as below. system node summary status system node summary status

Node Details

  On this page, the connect informations of selected devices are shown in the videos.

System Configuration

Basic Configuration
  On this page, you can configure system device ID, US(upstream)/DS(DownStream) ratio.

Node Configuration
  On this page,you can config selected devices basic configuration,enable or disable DHCP Client,VLAN, and broadcast IGMP.
  VLAN: VLAN function control switch
  Ethernet Port Trunk: When downstream packets is “tag=Ethernet pvid”,the packets tag will be deleted, otherwise it will be saved.
  Ethernet PVID: When upstream Ethernet data package without tag reach the port, it will have PVID tag.


Port Configuration
  At first, you should select a port for configuration. You can cofigure the port state, negotiation, speed and duplex, flow control, MAC learning and MDI/MDIX.


  • Only when the state is enbaled, can you configure the negotiation, speed and duplex, flow control, MAC learning and MDI/MDIX.
  • Only when the negotiation is in Force mode, can you configure the speed and duplex.


  Specifies a port to configure

  Enable/disble the port

  Selects Auto or Force, if Auto is selected, the port will automatically use the best operating mode; while is Force is selected, it needs to configure the speed and duplex manually.
Speed & Duplex

  There are four choices: 10M Half, 10M Full, 100M Half, and 100M Full.

G.x web-based management Port Configuration

G.x web-based management Port Configuration

Flow Control

  If flow control is enabled on both the local and peer switches. If congestion occurs on the local switch:

  • The local switch sends a message to notify the peer switch of stopping sending packets to itself or reducing the sending rate temporarily.
  • The peer switch will stop sending packets to the local switch or reduce the sending rate temporarily when it receives the message; and vice versa. By this way, packet loss is avoided and the network service operates normally.

  If it is off, the port runs at full speed.

  Enable/disable learning function

  The maximum transmission unit, in the range of 1518-9216 bytes. After clicking <Apply>, the lower part lists the port status.

Ask for G.x product user manual!

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