Single channel indoor EoC master

Single channel indoor EoC master

Single channel indoor EoC smaster

Ethernet over coax

FOT Single channel EoC master


FOT EoC-M701i is 1 input & output indoor EoC master. Fiber Optic Telecom’s EoC master adopt HomePlug AV solution, with highly interference resistance. It works with EOC slave in Ethernet over coax network and provides layer-2 Ethernet Access to users through television coaxial cable and meanwhile without influence on the existing CATV signal transmission.


  •  Qualcomm 7410 chipset, HomePlug AV, OFDM Module technology
  •  1 input/output, 2 Gigabit Ethernet port, 1 console port
  •  Support encryption of uplink and downlink data
  •  Support overlength frame and abnormal frame detection
  •  Support WEB,CLI and SNMP,NMS management
  •  Support upgrade remotely and log record 
  •  1U size, easy to install and place on workbench or 19″ cabinet 


StandardHomePlug AV,IEEE1901, IEEE 802.3, IEEE 802.3u, IEEE 802.3x
PortsTV: 2 CATV coaxial port, TV signal input and mixed signal output, F type metric or imperial connector optional
2 Gigabit Ethernet port, RJ45 connector
1 Console port, RJ45 connector
EoC Chipset: Qualcomm7410
Frequency Bandwidth: 7.5-65MHz
Output power: ≥110dBuV
Physical layer rate:700Mbps;
MAC layer throughput:320Mbps
Output Resistance:75Ω
CATV RFFrequency Bandwidth: 87-1000MHz
Return Loss:>16dB
Insert Loss: ≤1dB
Working modeTDMA/CSMA
ManagementSupports WEB, CLI, SNMP, Telnet, SSH,NMS
Modulation modeOFDM
Encryption mode128-bit AES encrypted
Power Supply220VAC
Power consumption<10 W
Size (mm)280 (length) * 176 (width) * 44(height)
Operation Temp.-25~55 ℃
Stock Temp.-40~70 ℃
Operation Hum.20%~85% non- condensation
Stock Hum.10%~90% non- condensation

Single Channel Indoor EoC master PDF

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