Tray PLC Splitter

FOT tray type PLC splitter

FOT tray type PLC splitter series.

PLC splitter

Tray PLC Splitter

FOT Tray PLC Splitter Series is a kind of power splitter based on the integrated quartz base plate with small size, wide operating wavelength range, high reliability, and good uniformity so on, especially suitable for passive optical network (EPON, BPON, GPON, etc.) to connect the central office and terminal equipment for achieving the branching of the optical signal. So far there are two types of PLC 1×N and 2×N Splitter .PLC 1×N and 2×N Splitter divide uniformly optical signals from one or two inputs to multiple outputs, and splitter can be operated in reverse direction to combine multiple signals into fiber or two fibers.

Tray PLC Splitter Series

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