Optical Light Sources OLS-300

FOT OLS-300A/B Optical Light Sources

OLS-300 optical light sources

OLS-300 optical light sources

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FOT Optical Light Sources series

  FOT OLS-300 series optical light source series can provide 1 to 4 output wavelengths to meet specific requirements, including the 650nm red source and the 1310/1550nm wavelengths for single mode fiber or the 850/1300nm wavelengths for multimode fiber, as well as other wavelengths according to customer needs.


  • 1~4 output wavelengths which can be optional according to needs
  • Backlight LCD display supports night operation
  • CW, 2Hz modulation output at 650nm, and CW, 270Hz,1KHz,2KHz
  • Modulation output at other wavelengths
  • High stability output power
  • Stable output wavelength 


Emitter TypeFP-LD,LED or others please specify
Output Power(dBm)-6~-7(1310/1550nm),>0 (650nm)
Output Stability+0.05dB/15mins;  +0.1dB/ 8hours
Modulation FrequenciesCW / 2(650nm) / 270, 1K,2K (1310nm/1550nm)
Optical ConnectorFC/PC
( Interchangeable FC/SC/ST connectors can be optional)
Power SupplyAlkaline Battery(3 AA 1.5V batteries)
Battery Operating Time(hour)45
Operating Temperature(oC)-10 ~ +60
Storage Temperature(oC)-25 ~ +70

  Remark: OLS300B Output Power(dBm) is -7dBm,OLS300BB is 0 dBm.

Application of Optical Light Sources

  • While some fall under the multipurpose category, for example, automated features, optimized for specific tasks such as detecting faults, breaks and microbends in the fiber.
  • Light source working on FTTH/PON area.
  • A straightforward instruments let you accurately measure signal attenuation during fiber-optic cable deployment in FTTx/PON access networks and LAN/WAN links, certify premises networks, and perform any other task related to general outside plant installations.

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