FCOR-2084 series optical receiver

FCOR-2084 series FTTH optical receiver

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Filter FTTH CATV Optical Receiver

  FOT FCOR-2084 series FTTH optical receiver adopts high-quality O/E converter and low noises MMIC amplify Chip.
It is featured with optimized circuit design and excellent nonlinearity distortion characteristic. It is very convenient for installation and maintenance.


  • LED alarm if optical receiving power is too low
  • AGC control circuit guarantees stable RF output level
  • High quality MMIC amplifier output


RFTV operating wavelength is 1100 ~ 1620nm.
Built-in optical signal filter, the RFTV operating wavelength is 1550nm.
Built-in CWDM, RFTV operating wavelength is 1550nm. Pass 1310/1490nm wavelength
Input Optical Wavelength1100 ~ 1600(N) or 1540 ~ 1560(WF)
Pass Wavelength1310/1490(WD)
Input Optical Power-17 ~ +3dBm (AGC range -7~+2 )
Optical Return Loss≥ 4 5dB
Optical ConnectorSC/APC
RF Bandwidth47MHz ~ 1000MHz
RF Output Level≥82dBuV@-7~+2dBm input
RF ConnectorF Female
Output Impedance75Ω
RF Return Loss>14 dB
Power Supply12 VDC
Power Consumption<3W
Dimension (L*W*H)112*50*22mm
Operation Temp.-20 ~ +50 ° C
Storage Temp.-40 ~ +85 ° C

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