FOT G.x-M208 coax master

8 In/Out G.x Coax Master


  For some of our customers, FTTH is expensive to implement in brown fields because of expensive labor, scattered population, problems with home fiber wiring, and slow roll-outs.
  FOT G.x series products G.x-M208 8in/out coax master (headend switch) are based technology that enable data rates up to 1Gbit/s over existing cable infrastructure to address issues associated with FTTH (Fiber to the home) applications.

FOT G.x-M208 coax master (Front View)

FOT G.x-M208 coax master (Front View)

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Compliance & Standards

  • ITU-T standard functionality (G.9960 system architecture and PHY layer, G.9961 data link layer, G.9962 management plane)
  • IEEE 802.3z for 1000Base-X
  • IEEE 802.3x for Flow control
  • IEEE 802.1p for CoS (Class of Service)
  • IEEE 802.1Q for VLAN Tagging
    Interfaces of G.x-M208 coax master

    Interfaces of G.x-M208 coax master


  • Supports 1Gbps PHY bit rate over single medium
  • State-of-the-Art LDPC forward error correction (FEC)
  • Remote configuration management integrated on-chip
  • Remote one-step firmware upgrade
  • Upload configuration files, notches management
  • Reliable HD IPTV and internet distribution
  • Unique solution for Last Mile, MDU & Campus
  • Up to 500m Bi-Directional solution with no need to upgrade/change the existing infrastructure
  • Up to 450 Mbps of actual throughput over coax

More Technical Features:

  • Egress /Ingress rate management control and broadcast storm control.
  • IEEE 802.1Q tagged VLAN, port based VLAN
  • Various QoS capability (IEEE 802.1p / port / Diffserv)
  • SFF 8472, Digital Diagnostic Monitor
  • Support port mirroring and port isolate
  • Support SNMP trap and SNMP client
  • MIB Counter
  • Upgrade firmware, backup configuration, restore configuration
  • Firmware upgrade via TFTP.
  • IGMP snooping for filtering multicast traffic
  • Perfect network management through web browser, CLI, Telnet /serial console.
  • Support SNMP v1/v2c/v3 for different levels of network management
  • Support three level user for manage


WAN and Service Ports
COM Ports8 x ports for data signal of 5~85Mhz , each port supports P2P and P2MP connections
IN Ports8 x RF input port for CATV of 104~1000MHz
WAN Connectivity2x1GE SFP ports for uplink aggregation
Ethernet SFP Ports1 x 1GE SFP local system provision/monitoring port controlled by the multifunction control button
Signal Link MarginAbout 70dB
Console Porta RS-232 connector for connection to a computer for
console control /administration. The RS-232 console port
can be used for accessing the CLI (command line interface) for out-of-band management.
Environmental Specifications
Operating and Storage Temperature0 ℃ to +55 ℃ , -25 ℃ to +70 ℃
Input Voltage, Power Consumption110-240 Volts AC (50-60 Hz), < 16W
Humidity10%– 90% non-condensing
Dimensions, Weight44*26.5*4.4 (cm), 3.9kg

Application Diagram

FOT G.x-2 series solution

FOT G.x-2 series solution

  • Fiber to the Building (FTTB) network
  • Small and medium enterprises network
  • Condos and Townhomes
  • Mid-rise Apartments
  • Garden-Style Apartments

Order Information:

Available ModelsPort configurationDescription
FOT G.x-M204Data Port: 2x100FX/1000Base-X SFP slotsLocal device which Applied to coaxial cable
Monitor Port: 1x100FX/1000Base-X SFP
CATV Input Port: 4 RF ports
Output Port: 4 CATV/ RF ports
Console port:RS232(RJ45)
FOT G.x-M208Data Port: 2x100FX/1000Base-X SFP slots
Monitor Port: 1x100FX/1000Base-X SFP
CATV input Port: 8 RF ports
Output Port: 8 CATV/ RF ports
Console Port:RS232(RJ45)
FOT G.x-S201Input Port: 1 CATV/ RF portClient access device which applied to coaxial cable
Data Port: 1x10/100/1000BaseT
CATV Output Port: 1 RF port
FOT G.x-S204WOne input port
4*RJ45, Automatic MDI/MDIX crossover for 100Base-TX and 10Base-T ports
Compatiable wih wireless IEEE 802.11b, 802.11g and 802.11n standard

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