FOT G.x-S211 coax slave

1CATV + 1GE G.x Coax Slave Terminal


FOT G.x-S211 coax slave (Left View)

FOT G.x-S211 coax slave (Left View)

  FOT G.x-S211 1CATV + 1GE coax slave terminal enables SP/ISP/Telcos to deliver FTTH-class service to MDU apartments while avoiding the costs of replacing copper wires with fiber. Data rates up to 1Gbit/s over existing cable infrastructure.
  Based on technology (also known as FTTDp: Fiber to the distribution point), FOT G.x-S201 coax slave ensures the access network is future-proof and ready to provide new services such as multi-stream 4K IPTV, cloud-based storage or 802.11ac wireless hotspots.

FOT G.x-S211 coax slave (Right View)

FOT G.x-S211 coax slave (Right View)

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Compliance & Standards

  • ITU-T standard functionality (G.9960 system architecture and PHY layer, G.9961 data link layer, G.9962 management plane)
  • IEEE 802.3z for 1000Base-X
  • IEEE 802.3x for Flow control
  • IEEE 802.1p for CoS (Class of Service)
  • IEEE 802.1Q for VLAN Tagging


  • Input Port: 1CATV/ RF port
  • Data Port: 1×10/100/1000BaseT
  • CATV Output Port: 1RF port
  • Rates up to 1Gbit/s over existing cable infrastructure
  • Easier to deploy, substantial CAPEX savings when compared to FTTH alternatives.
  • Fast Installation
  • Quality of Service and VLAN Termination
  • Status Indicator LEDs
  • Remote management via G.x-M204/8 coax master (headend switch)
  • Providing new services: multi-stream 4K IPTV, cloud-based storage etc.


WAN and Service Ports
Ethernet Interface for client1x 10/100/1000BT Ethernet ports, Ethernet RJ-45 connection, Connect to computer or other Ethernet device.
OUT PortsOne RF CATV output port for CATV of 104~1000MHz
COM PortsOne combined RF CATV and G.HN input port supporting P2P and P2MP connections
Environmental Specifications
Operating and Storage Temperature0 ℃ to +55 ℃ , -25 ℃ to +70 ℃
Input Voltage, Power Consumption110-240 Volts AC (50-60 Hz), < 16W
5 VDC -2 amp, < 3W
Humidity10%– 90% non-condensing
Dimensions, Weight103.4mm x 66.0mm x 27.0mm,0.19Kg


  1. Ÿ Networking your home with existing coax cables
  2. Ÿ Replacing CCTV Camera by IP Camera with no cabling effort
    FOT G.x-2 series solution

    FOT G.x-2 series solution

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