Several informations about GPON OLT installation

Fiberhome AN5516-04 installation guide

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Have you understand the terminology convention (abbreviations)?

  • AN5516-04: AN5516-04 Optical Line Terminal Equipment
  • EC4B: 4×EPON-C Interface Card (type B)
  • EC8B: 8×EPON-C Interface Card (type B)
  • XG2B: 2×Symmetric 10GEPON-C Interface Card (type B)
  • GC4B: 4×GPON-B Interface Card (type B)
  • GC8B: 8×GPON-C Interface Card (type B)
  • PUBA: Public Card (type A)
  • HSUA: Higig Switch Uplink A
  • PWRD: DC Power Card
  • PWRA: AC Power Supply Tray
  • FAN: Fan Card

What is the structure of our GPON OLT ?

  The structure and component names of the AN5516-04 subrack are shown in following:

GPON OLT's structure (FOT Blog)

GPON OLT’s structure (FOT Blog)

  • (1) Adaptor mounting ear: For securing the OLT AN5516-04 in a 21-inch cabinet.
  • (2) Mounting ear: For securing the OLT AN5516-04 in a 19-inch cabinet.
  • (3) Fan Unit: For air cooling of the equipment.
  • (4) Card area: For holding cards to implement various functions of the equipment.
  • (5) Fiber Guide Unit: For laying out network cables and optical fibers.

How to install a GPON OLT into the Cabinet?


  • The installation of the slide rails is completed.
  • Tools and instruments
  • A cross-screwdriver
  • User Manual: AN5516-04 Optical Line Terminal Equipment Installation Guide
AN5516–04 Optical Line Terminal Equipment Installation Guide:
Introduces the overall installation and acceptance inspection procedures from unpacking inspection to poweron examination after the equipment is delivered on site,and provides reference information (e.g. safety principles and wiring scheme of a variety of interfaces) to guide users to install the equipment.

Operation procedures

  1. Wear an ESD protection wrist strap (with its plug inserted in the ESD protection earth ground fastener properly).
  2. According to the positions of the mounting holes on the OLT AN5516-04 mounting ears,install the floating nuts into the corresponding square mounting holes on the vertical mounting flanges on both sides of the cabinet respectively , as shown in figure following.
    Installing the GPON OLT in the 19-inch cabinet

    Installing the GPON OLT in the 19-inch cabinet

  3. Put the OLT AN5516-04 on the slide rails, and then slowly push it in until the mounting holes on the OLT AN5516-04’s mounting ears respectively align with those floating nuts on the mounting holes of the cabinet’s vertical mounting flanges, as shown in ① of figure above.
  4. Use the panel screws with the flat washers to secure the OLT AN5516-04 in the cabinet,as shown in ② of figure above.

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