Small Cell and FTTH: Competition or Complementary?

First of all, let’s share a video about Small Cell Blackhaul Architecture for the coming discussion.


While 3G networks typically are deployed with cell site spacing of 3 km, 4G architecture will lead to picocells, especially in dense urban environments. This video outlines the characteristics of picocells.

Small Cell and FTTH

As we know, some telecom pioneer carriers already made some combination between FTTH and high speed wireless technologies.

For example, Indonesian Telecom adpot GPON-based mobile Backhaul solutions to meet the complex networking and hosting needs, including CDMA, GSM, WCDMA, and other 2G/3G format Backhaul Interface and Network Requirements; In the service scene, it support traditional voice / broadband / cable TV, and IPTV. As the world’s first large-scale commercial GPON-based Mobile Backhaul project, the network is also GPON based full-service, all application scenarios network, FTTH / FTTO / FTTB / FTTC scale construction has been run, the user can enjoy high-speed Internet surfing and new service.

Small Cell Brief Introduction

WCDMA & LTE / In-building & Hotspot for Enhanced Mobile Service.

Small Cell Application

Small Cell Application

Let’s take an FOT WCDMA Femtocell for Residential as example, to introduction detail infoamtion of this new and hot equipment from wireless solution.

Key Features

  •  Support 8 simultaneous calls
  •  HSPA performance: up to 14.4Mbps downlink & 5.7Mbps uplink
  •  Interference management: fully automatic: real-time cognitive radio


  •  UMTS operating and network listen band options

 – Band I (2100) EU

 – Band II (1900) & Band V (850) (US)

  • TECOM PROPRIETARY- Band II (1900) & Band V (850) (US)
  •  GSM network listen band options

 – Band III (1800) & Band VIII (900) (EU)

 – Band II (1900) & Band V (850) (US)

  •  Maximum transmit power UMTS options: 13 dBm
  •  Core network interface options: GAN, 3GPP luh and IMS
  •  Network connection security: IPSec
  •  Device security & authentication: Certificate, or SIM (option)
  •  Remote device management: DSL Forum TR-069, TR-196
  •  Ethernet (10/100Mbps) WAN, DC power, LEDs, reset and on/off buttons
  •  Optional for SIM, GPS (w/ ext antenna connector)
FOT Small Cell Product Plan

FOT Small Cell Product Plan

More detail about Small Cell product, welcome to contact with our team, thanks.

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