【Recommend】Solution and Equipment List Notes for fiber network project staffs (FOT original)

Fiber equipment required in a series of FTTx solution (Summary)

  Keywords: High bandwidth, Triple play, PON+CATV, CATVservice, IPTV service, VoIP, QoS Application, Ethernet over Coax, Radio frequency over glass, IP camera monitoring etc…

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Equipment required in a basic FTTx network

  In actual small & medium FTTx projects, it could be a test bed, in a lab environment or a demo PON case in an apartment building. We called it a basic FTTx network project, which is usally low cost and simple service providing etc. There may be two scenarios of providing FTTx service to an apartment building: FTTH and FTTB.

Basic FTTx Application(With IMS/Softswitching/IP MAN description)

Basic FTTx Application

  • If a fiber is run to a panel inside each subscribers apartment unit (eg: Home or SoHo), it is FTTH.
  • If instead the fiber goes only as far as the apartment building’s shared electrical room (either only to the first floor or to each floor), it is FTTB.

  The “basic” meaning in this blog post here, means a basic function of FTTH/FTTB broadband access solution, like data, or internet service, IPTV etc. Then, based on a basic FTTH/FTTB requirement, FOT Telecom is sharing what is the basic fiber equipment package for our pure data service FTTx projects. 

Equipment required in a CATV FTTH network

  In some existing CATV operator network or some telecom upgrading projects (eg. in old buildings), to avoid destroying the building structure and make full use of the current coaxial cable network, cable operators usually adopt a FTTH PON+CATV network solution.

CATV FTTH Triple Play solution scenarios

CATV FTTH Triple Play solution scenarios

What is called “FTTH PON+CATV” network?

  One hand, Cable TV signal from optical transmitter. Other hand, data and VoIP signal from FTTH GEPON/GPON OLT uplink side. The two ways signals are combined in EDFA (Erbium Doped Fiber Amplifier), divided by PLC splitters, transmitted on single fiber and reach to the end user family. In some case the combination signals will reach to the CATV and Ethernet network system: EoC master and EoC slave (Optional). Then EoC slave terminal demodulate the Ethernet service and CATV service.


  • Pure CATV service scenario
  • CATV and Ethernet over cable service application
  • HFC CATV and Ethernet service Scenario
  • Data+VoIP+CATV triple play scenario

IP camera monitoring fiber optic network solution

  From urban security to city building secure monitoring (or even in single house), IP monitoring system is more and more popular.

IP camera monitoring fiber optic network solution

IP camera monitoring fiber optic network solution

  As shown in the IP camera monitoring fiber optic network application chart, there are three typical monitoring scenarios:

  • Scenario A: Single house IP camera monitoring system is simple and basic, there are only several IP cameras connnect to fiber optic ONU, users can check the monitoring scenarios from PC/Cellphone monitoring terminal.
  • Scenario B: In SOHO office/small shopping center medium scale monitroing system, dozens of IP cameras will be connected to fiber optic MDU,and they are managed in a small center monitoring room.
  • Scenario C: In large hotel/hospital building, hundreds of IP camera should be connected to large volume fiber optic MDU and to be managned by remote management and operation center.

EoC-Ethernet over Coax + FTTH PON solution

  In the cable television network Bi-Directional transformation solution, there are several choices to achieve:

  • First, traditional HFC (Hybrid Fiber Coaxial) solution;
  • Second, fiber to the building + LAN in home solution.
  • Besides, a new solution that EPON (or GPON) + EoC (Ethernet over Coax ) technical solutions is attracting more and more attentions.
    EPON+EoC Combination Solution

    EPON+EoC Combination Solution

  Obviously, after years of experience, the third solution is the best choice, with following key features:

  • Be able to combined HFC, LAN;
  • Fiber mixed with Copper;
  • Competitive cost.

  EoC terminal is installed indoor for signal receiving and demutiplexing.EoC carries available physical bandwidth, which meets broadband need in a well-organized network.Taking advantage of existing HFC network, EoC does not need rewiring, which saves residential network resource, reducing construction costs.

P2P: Your Another FTTH Solution

FTTH P2P Architecture

  There are two popular architectures used with FTTH point-to-point (P2P) connectivity architecture and Point to Multi-Point (P2M)/ Passive Optical Network (PON) connectivity architecture.

FTTH P2P(point to point) Fiber Solution

FTTH P2P(point to point) Fiber Solution

  FOT Telecom is sharing a point-to-point (P2P) architecture where each user is connected to a dedicated port on a central switch(core switch), provides a long-distance, directly connected and “VIP FTTH Service” solution to enable real triple play on a future-proof fiber infrastructure.


FeatureP2P topologyP2MP /PON topology
Scalability, future proof100 Mbit/s to 10 Gbit/s2.5 to 10Gbit
Bitrate sharingDedicated bitrateShared bitrate
SecurityHigh Security, through dedicated mediumRequires encryption, vulnerable to DoS attacks
Upstream traffic managementHighly sophisticated through switch matrixLimited by capabilities of MAC protocol
Interoperability OLT-CPEEasyStill challenging
Configuration and planningEasyDifficult
Per-subscriber CO power consumptionWe defined low value ( ≈ 2W), independent of splitter insertion loss.from very high to very low, Depends on splitter insertion loss.
Operating DistanceLong reach up to 40~80 kmLimited by the split ratio

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