Summary Applications for GPON/EPON

Summary Applications for GPON/EPON


  First of all, kindly please allow me to ask a question — “what on earth will the FTTH xPON solution bring to our future life?


  If we are interested and searched the answer from internet, we will find those answers:

  • FTTH xPON solution made the “real time interactivity” become possibility and reality, like stay connected application,  remote surgery, remote care etc and so on.
  • Besides, FTTH xPON also drive much innovation to build some intelligent network, such as  intelligent power grid.
  • Smart life, etc.

Hot GPON/EPON applications

  Since all those future applications discussed above is a little far, how about talk something popular today.

High bandwidth

  High bandwidth is most highlight feature of xPON network: download and upload at the speed of light, let’s make a example,  a DVD film completely downloaded only need 6 minutes.

Triple play

GPON/EPON Multimedia application diagram

GPON/EPON Multimedia application diagram


  Cable television companies were in a technical position to offer triple play over one physical medium to a large number of their customers, as their networks already have sufficient bandwidth to carry hundreds of video channels.

IPTV service

  Internet Protocol television is a system through which television services are delivered using the Internet protocol suite over a packet-switched network such as the Internet, instead of being delivered through traditional terrestrial, satellite signal, and cable television formats.Video on Demand (VOD) is one type of IPTV.


  GPON/EPON solution transmit the IP packet at speed of light, therefore, which is a prefect solution for voice communications and multimedia sessions delivery.

QoS Application

GPON/EPON QoS Application

GPON/EPON QoS Application

  Quality of service is one of key technologies of xPON solution, the resource reservation control mechanisms of QoS can fix those headache network problems: Low throughput/Dropped packets/Latency/Jitter/Out-of-order delivery etc in some innovation intelligent services.

Small cell backhaul

  Backhaul is needed to connect the small cells to the core network, internet and other services.As the best last mile access solution,  xPON solution is most suitable choice for this application.

Service Bearer of Core network

  Summary speaking, no matter CATV operators, Mobile operators or Fixed network operators(with core network like IMS-IP Multimedia Subsystem or NGN) are usually using xPON solution as their great service bearer.

xPON application: service bearer

xPON application: service bearer

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