Training Task: making a fusion splicing for spare fibers

How to splice optical fibers with FOT arc fusion splicer series

Preparation:  Tools and components required 

FS-800H and the Accessories

FS-800H and the Accessories

  The toolkit supplied with FOT series splicer includes:

  • CD-ROM with user manual
  • Power supplier (charger)
  • fiber holders/adapters for 250 um fibers
  • fiber holders/adapters for 900 um fibers
  • Stipper for 250 un fibers
  • fiber cleaver
  • Fusion splicer

  Additional fiber tools and components:

  • dust-free wipes
  • isopropyl alcohol
  • trash can for fiber scraps
  • single-mode spare fibers, pigtails (1*SC/APC, G.657, A2)
  • Heat-shrinkable sleeves

Calibration steps

Adaptation to operating conditions (temperature, humidity, ambient light etc.), the calibration is needed after a change of the conditions.
  1. Strip the fiber (250um) over a length of 4~5 cm
  2. Clean the cladding with dust-free wipe soaked with isopropyl alcohol
  3. Place the fiber in the splicer
  4. Select the “CALICRATE” function
  5. The splicer is ready for operation

Operation of fiber end:

  1. Place the sleeve on the fiber
  2. Place the fiber (here: 250 um) in the dedicated holder, the fiber has to protrude 3-4 cm out of the holder
  3. Strip the fiber with the included stripper to the 125 um cladding
  4. Clean the cladding with dust-free wipe soaked with isopropyl alcohol
  5. Cleave the fiber with the included cleaver
  6. Discard the cut fiber end into the trash can

Splicing and protection operations

  The same operation are needed for the pigtail: 

  1. RESET function is used for fiber positioning
  2. SPLICE command starts the fusion splicing progess
  3. the splicer verifies the face geometry and collinearity of the fiber ends
  4. after positive verification, the splicer performs arc fusion
  5. put test verifies the splice strength
  6. The estimated loss of 0.003 dB just says: OK!
  7. The splice must be protected against mechanical damage…
  8. With the sleeve previously placed on the fiber
  9. The sleeve centered on the splice should be placed in the oven. The shrinkage takes about one minute. Then carefully take out the protected splice from the oven.
  10. Clean the ferrule and faces with other fiber tools

Finish! The same procedure has be repeated for the second, third… splice operation.

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