Troubleshooting guide of PON equipment

Troubleshooting guide of PON equipment

FTTH PON Equipment


  With the rapid growth of bandwidth demand, FTTH solution and products are getting more and more popular and attractive.

  Among these various fiber network equipment, PON equipment series are particularly sparkling. Moreover, the whole PON family, members including EPON, GPON,10G-EPON, 10G-GPON, WPON, is becoming the leading actor in Broadband access solution.


PON User Manual help command

PON User Manual help command

  PON equipments have been in used for certain time today. During the daily use or application, there are more or less some faults, which is headache.

  But if we know or even master some basic PON equipment troubling shooting idea, that we can solve the problem more efficiently.


  In this following post series from FOT, you can get the following benefits:

  • Be familiar with fault information collecting;
  • Understand the typical EPON equipment troubleshooting cases;
  • Learn troubleshooting procedure and methods of EPON equipment.
GPON NNI Uplink fault indication

GPON NNI Uplink fault indication

Trouble shooting Notes:

  In urgent trouble shooting proceed, make sure to record the necessary information and procedures timely and accurately for subsequent analysis on the failure causes.

Information needs to be collected includes:

  1. Version information, including system software version, ONU versions, line card version.
  2. Equipments network chart, specially indicate the uplink port status, optical port or Ethernet port, half duplex or full duplex, auto-Adaptive or compulsory mode, VLAN division, tagged or untagged.
  3. Description of equipment basic configuration, including the number of ONU, line card type and number, VLAN division, ports tag mode.
  4. Symptoms in detail, full description.
  5. Related alarms situations.

  Of course, if there is any faults that hard to debug, please contact manufacture as soon as possible.

Fault classification

i), NMS(Network Management system) Faults:

  • NMS fail to ping NE(network element)/client;
  • NMS can ping NE, but fail to manage;
  • Success to manage, but part of some functions are not normal. 
GEPON Network Management system structure

GEPON Network Management system structure

ii), Application/Service problem:

  • All service are down;
  • Network speed is slow or down;
  • Access to internet, but fail to make calls.

  As EPON technology is more mature and popular now, let’s take EPON equipment as an example to describe how to debug and solve the common PON network faults.

EPON network system fault debug

  1. OLT fault
  2. Uplink network fault
  3. ODN network fault
  4. ONU fault

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