What is a media gateway?

What is a media gateway?

Media gateway in telecommunications technologies

  A media gateway is a translation device or service that converts media streams between disparate telecommunications technologies such as POTS, SS7, Next Generation Networks (2G, 2.5G and 3G radio access networks) or private branch exchange (PBX) systems. Media gateways enable multimedia communications across packet networks using transport protocols such as Asynchronous Transfer Mode (ATM) and Internet Protocol (IP).

  Because the media gateway connects different types of networks, one of its main functions is to convert between different transmission and coding techniques. Media streaming functions such as echo cancellation, DTMF, and tone sender are also located in the media gateway.

Media gateway in converged network architecture

  Media gateways are often controlled by a separate Media Gateway Controller which provides the call control and signaling functionality. Communication between media gateways and Call Agents is achieved by means of protocols such as MGCP or Megaco (H.248) or Session Initiation Protocol (SIP). Modern media gateways used with SIP are often stand-alone units with their own call and signaling control integrated and can function as independent, intelligent SIP end-points.

  Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) media gateways perform the conversion between Time-division multiplexing (TDM) voice to a media streaming protocol, such as the Real-time Transport Protocol, (RTP), as well as a signaling protocol used in the VoIP system.

  Mobile access media gateways connect the radio access networks of a public land mobile network PLMN to a next-generation core network. 3GPP standards define the functionality of CS-MGW and IMS-MGW for UTRAN and GERAN based PLMNs.

All Media Gateway

  The all media series gateway is an important integrated access component for the next generation smart home network, smart all optical access solution and all media system scheme. It’s used to provide a comprehensive home data and service entry for the Internet operator/ISP/system integrator.The all media series gateway meet the requirements of achieving home/otherindoor scenario all media services access with just one gateway. Its core components include management platform module, PON gateway module, OTT/IPTV audio/video service module, achieving overall scenarios link of cloud, management, platform, people and things; it’s open to content provider and APP developer to ensure continuous innovative and value-added content and application for the product.

Media gateway function used in a GPON network


  • Support 802.3ah, support link error code event monitoring and loopback monitoring;
  • Support 802.1ag/Y.1731, support connectivity monitoring and performance testing;
  • Support multicast replication, support 3K V4 multicast groups, and 768 V6 multicast groups;
  • Support user port copy;
  • Support IGMP/MLD snooping;
  • Ethernet MAC support speed, duplex mode of self-negotiation and manual settings;
  • UNI interface support 802.1x、STP(Spanning Tree Protocol)/RSTP(Rapid Spanning Tree Protocol)spanning tree protocol processing;
  • Provide QoS guarantee for different priority services through SLA constraint, policing, queue management, scheduling / congestion avoidance, and discard management.
  • Support port based flow control, can choose package lose or pause frame back pressure for the service exceeding the traffic.
  • Support QoS function;
  • Support 4K HD Video、4K HD Video play;
  • Support High Quality Voice: support built-in voice communication tool
  • Skype, support multi-screen, such as TV, pad, mobile, interactive and sharing;
  • Support High-Speed broadband, Reliable WiFi;
  • Support various IOT devices access such as WiFi /Ethernet;
  • Support file storage, HDFS, NFS, CIFS, NDMP, FTP multiple interface;
  • Support telecommunication network, broadcast network and Internet network integration with IOT module open cloud and APP platform.
  • Support local WEB、remoteTR069、OMCI management, infrared;

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