What is “RFP” in a FTTH GPON project?

What is “RFP” in a telecom project bidding?

  A request for proposal (RFP) is a solicitation, often made through a bidding process, by an agency or company interested in procurement of a commodity, service or valuable asset, to potential suppliers to submit business proposals. It is submitted early in the procurement cycle, either at the preliminary study, or procurement stage.

What does “[M], [G], [D], [M]&[D], and [O]” mean, in RFP document characteristics requirements?

The requirements for system characteristics are the following:

[M] Mandatory requirements.
[G] Characteristic to be graded.
[D] The Vendor shall provide a description.
[M]&[D] Mandatory requirement for which Vendor shall provide a description of the requested characteristic.

[O] Optional requirements.

A FOT Study Case: General GPON requirements

  • FOT Telecom (FOT) objective is to deploy a reliable, manageable, secure, and cost effective Metropolitan Fiber Access Network Infrastructure that can provide clients with a reliable converged network for their home and business needs, delivering true Triple Play Services.
    construction on Fibre-to-the-Premises (FTTP) project

    construction on Fibre-to-the-Premises (FTTP) project

  • With this RFP the (FOT) company intends to receive Offers for the delivery of OLT and ONT devices for GPON access network technology, in accordance with General Specification, Technical Specification and Supply Schedule Requirements. GPON active devises will be used for providing broadband multimedia services (i.e. “triple-play” services of voice, data and video) to residential, SOHO and corporate users. The aim of this document is to determine requirements and quantities for supplying the equipment. By the term GPON we refer to the technology described in ITU-T G.984 specifications family.
  • Currently FOT Telecom GPON network proposed ONT should be able to inter-operate with main brand OLT and NMS and Vendor must ensure and demonstrate interoperability and compatibility of offered Product.
  • FOT will accept as an alternative solution supply of ONU/ONT devices, that are not fully compatible and integrated with current Network Management System in case the Vendor will provide full TR069 support for remote configuration, monitoring and management purposes so that all provisioning and management functions remain possible.
  • Vendor must ensure the integration of his NMS solution with FOT Telecom operated OSS/BSS systems (billing; provisioning; inventory; monitoring) via the North-Bound Interface (NBI)
  • The deadline for receiving bids is some when time. Tender Offers shall be submitted by the Vendors or their representatives via electronic mail to the following address xxx@abc.xxx. Where the tender offer is too big to be attached to an electronic mail, a download link should be made available where the file can be downloaded from.
    General GPON equipment requirement

    General GPON equipment requirement

GPON Terminal Technical specification

  The specification covers the requirements of the following equipment and elements: GPON ONT/ONU (Optical Network Termination/Optical Network Unit)

  The Vendor shall describe where the product is fully compliant to the below specification or it is a partially compliant, describe the limitations. Also if the Vendor’s equipment has features not listed here but the Vendor feels that they will be valuable to the total network solution, the Vendor should mention that in the appropriate category.

  • The Vendor shall include a full roadmap of the product indicating which features are finalized and which features are still under discussion [M].
  • For new software releases, additional feature and functionalities shall be mentioned. Also for new releases, any additional hardware upgrade requirement shall be indicated. Software upgrades will be assumed to be Free of Cost otherwise stated clearly [M].
  • The version of hardware and software of the equipment should be provided and shall be commercially available at least three months before submitting the offer [M].
  • The proposed equipment shall use a highly flexible, modular, scalable, and non-blocking platform at all level/part of the design without any restriction [M&D].
  • The Vendor shall submit the detail of chipset type, manufacturer, and version of the proposed equipment including ONT [D].

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