What will FTTH bring to us?

What will FTTH bring to us?

3 videos about the future smart life

Smart Window

  Soon, we shall be living in the world of Minority Report, and this “Smart Window” technology Samsung has at CES 2012 is going to help us get there. We can check out what’s happening over at the Samsung booth and gives a little demo of the window/glass screen.

FTTH Fiber to The Home

  Regular copper phone lines and broadcast transmitters require power supplies and repeater to be connected to the network, so they can transmit signals in long distances.
  When optical fiber is connected from the internet service provider directly to the home office, those additional equipment is not needed.Thus making huge power and maintenance cost savings to telecommunication companies.
  Fiber to the home system currently has over four point eight million subscribers in Japan (2007).Mitsubishi’s fiber to the home solutions centralized phone, television and internet transmission to optical fiber to take advantage of this system.
  As it doesn’t require additional power, it can also be used as an emergency alert system in case of natural disasters.

The Future of the Internet

  Information travels at light speed but currently our phone networks and internet system slows down transfer rates, because of the necessary conversion from an optical signal to an electrical signal, and back again.Especially when sending data out over the Internet, the current electrical switching systems impede the data.So AIST is researching in a way to help the information travel smoothly.
  “We’re trying to build an ultra high-speed network using this glass device or semiconducting device, with the size from 0.1(point one millimeters) to 0.3(point three) millimeters.
  With this switch, the signals intensified and theoretical transfer rate of 3Tb/s(three terabits per second) is possible!

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