Why can’t get the configured GPON speed/bandwidth at the ONT?

Measured and Configured Speed/Bandwidth

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  “My optical budget when measured from the ONT is around 20dB and I’ve configured the speed/bandwidth for my link as 50 Mbps. However, when I check my Internet speed (with speed test) it’s always less than (considerably) 50 Mbps. When I connect the ONT closer to the OLT, I’m getting the full speed.”

bandwidth requirements for FTTx PON

bandwidth requirements for FTTx PON

  “Other than the optical budget/loss, is there any thing else in the ODN/OAN that decides the bandwidth? Is OSNR applicable here (I’m just thinking the Shannon’s theorem for the capacity)? Is it something to do with high optical module temperature? What is the typical temperature?”

  “How do you qualify a GPON service link, if the optical wiring is done by a contractor? Is measuring the optical receive power enough or do I have to measure anything else?  “

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Comment No.1:
  Hello, in my experience Huawei GPON configuration, there are two issues related to bandwidth that “IP traffic table” and “TCON”. then make sure that both of these have you set according to the needs.

Comment No.2:
  BW (bandwidth) should be independent of the distance ONU-OLT, temperature, and any other of the things you mention. Check statistics, optical power detected and Ethernet/GEM/GTC statistics or similar.
  You should clarify if the problem is download or upload, could have different causes.

Comment No.3:
  As friends above commented check the TCONT that u are using, either i reccomend to you check the DBA Profile , Traffic Table and the GEM CAR all of this assuming that u are using the Line/Service Profile of Huawei in MA5600T.
I dont think that if do not overpass the threshold of the link budget, there is not reason to be affected by the distance.

Comment No.4:

  1. OLT and ONT class (a,b,c). It depends of optical budget. If optical power levels are out of range, the speed will be bad.
  2. DBA profile and traffic profile.
  3. Is the internet connection PPPoE? Check BRAS profile.

Comment No.5:
  We are currently looking for 2.5G/1.25G PON solution, but actual measure BW must be less, such as 2.45G/1.2G. (which would be the first reason.)

  You are correct, about the 1:16 split, but as most homes do not use more than 35M sustained on a daily basis, our subscribers will have the 1G capability for bursting. Most US based Internet providers use a much higher split ratio. I know Google Fiber is using a 1:16 split and it works well for them. We advertise speeds ‘up to 1G’ with users understanding they are sharing the pipe. Most PC’s cannot even use 1G speeds due to slower hard drives (which would be the second reason).

Comment No.6:
  That’s why I have implemented GPON at one of the facility with experience and bandwidth limitation like to go with P2P (PTP) Solution. P2P FTTH solution provides exclusive high bandwidth.

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