WiFi, 4G/LTE New Idea in CES 2014

WiFi, 4G/LTE New Idea in CES 2014

Broadband Wireless Solution

  Broadband Wireless ( including Smart WiFi, WiMax ), LTE, 4G and other new similar technolgy, are once again a hot topic here at CES 2014.
  Generally speaking, people are typically focused on 4G/LTE cellular network and Wi-Fi solution.

  Broadcom @ CES 2014: 5G WiFi in action

FOT Wireless Broadband case

FOT Wireless Broadband case

  CES 2014 Report: Smart WiFi

  Control your home network from your mobile device. Set filters for your kids and tweak settings to boost performance. These are the advantages of Linksys Smart WiFi.

4G LTE solution connected into the vehicle.

4G connected, new generation of Car

4G connected, new generation of Car

  At CES 2014, the announcements of 4G connectivity in cars heralds a new generation of automobiles. They’re connected at high speed, providing video in the back seat, streaming audio in front, and up-to-the-second information on surrounding traffic conditions for the driver. An always-connected car is a requirement for a self-driving car.

  Chevy unveils their new OnStar 4G LTE connected car service at CES 2014

  Chevrolet, AT&T and OnStar banded together yesterday at CES 2014 to offer us a glimpse of the heart of the Connected by OnStar 4G LTE infotainment offering: AppShop. The new service will feature a curated collection of HTML5 apps…

Multimedia application in cars

Multimedia application in cars 

  4G radio directly into the vehicle itself, as a hotspot, so you don’t have to use your phone’s WiFi or data service.

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