Will the next generation PON upgradation be more simplify?

NG-PON roadmap by FSAN

  11/23/2017, Huawei is simplifying the PON upgrade path to meet the needs of telecom operators in a cost-effective manner and effectively respond to the growing traffic. As demonstrated by Huawei’s UBBF in Hangzhou in October, Huawei’s streamlining is truly end-to-end, including network planning, optical modules, networking equipment and CPE.

   It is a well-known fact that there is a time lag between the establishment of the PON standard and the readiness of the ecosystem. However, the readiness of ecosystems does not mean that the GPON upgrade path is easy to plan, design and implement.

   Huawei’s ODN planning and design software model supports the location and timing of 10 GPON deployments based on residential density, user access and prediction, ARPU, bandwidth growth, and future services and applications. Huawei’s solution will provide recommendations on the location and timing of the next-generation GPON upgrade based on operational and network profitability goals. For example, the model could be upgraded to 10G PON equipment costs or upgraded to 4K TV and content faster.

   Julie Kunstler, principal analyst for next-generation infrastructure at Ovum, said that while modeling is central to the location and timing of 10 GPON upgrades, telecom operators need a smooth upgrade path. Part of this solution includes the design of uni-PON devices, such as racks that support both 2.5G GPON and 10G GPON OLT ports. Many PON equipment vendors, including Huawei, have already begun offering these solutions.

PON Evolution roadmap (from google image)

   Huawei has extended the uni-PON approach to optical modules through its PON Combo solution. This approach allows the OLT port to support either GPON or 10G GPON and can be upgraded without changing the ODN. The PON-Combo optical module integrates 2.5G GPON and 10G GPON as well as WDM1r filters. China Telecom tested Huawei PON-Combo solution last year and is now deploying this solution.

  With these developments, Huawei is ensuring that the next generation of PONs is successfully transformed from standardization to reality.

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