Wireless VoIP Home Gateway

Wireless Home Gateway HG410W

Wireless Home Gateway HG410W

Wireless VoIP Home Gateway

FOT’s HG410W


FOT’s HG410W is Wireless VoIP Home Gateway designed for home network. It integrated Ethernet, VoIP and WiFi service. It’s attractive by its powerful function and friendly interface and easy to use.

The device combines the functions of wireless router and IP phone, it establishes a high‐speed internet connection by using a Gigabit WAN interface. Its high reliability and full Gigabit LAN make it an ideal solution for home small business users.

High internet access speed and good wireless coverage makes it suitable for heavy bandwidth consuming applications, such as online gaming, HD video streaming. Compared with
traditional land lines its VoIP function can help users to make internet call easily and save cost.


  •   Fully compliant with SIP Protocol
  •   Support static IP,DHCP,PPPOE
  •   Support call functions like Call ID, Call Hold, Call Waiting,
  •   Call Forward and 3-way conference
  •   Built-in Switch / Router
  •   Built-in AP, support IEEE 802.11 b/g/n, Max speed up to 150Mbps

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